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FFXIV Shadowbringers Guide: Eden's Promise: Litany

11 Dec 2020

Eden’s Promise: Litany is the second encounter of the third 8-man, normal raid content released with Patch 5.4 of Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers. It’s available at level 80 by finishing the Main Scenario Quest Reflections in Crystal and unlocked by the quest Shadows of the Past. It can be completed via the duty finder with a minimum ilvl of 485 and rewards tokens of Lost Antiquity for each gear type, which can be turned in to Yahl Yal at (10.1-11.5) in The Canopy, Eulmore. Ghul Gul at (26.6-16.4) in Mord Souq, Ahm Araeng will also exchange tokens of Lost Antiquity for gear.

For the sake of your fellow players, please remember that this is new content (at the time of this publication). A little friendly explanation can go a long way. Similarly, don’t be afraid to take advice. You may learn something you didn’t know.

The Shadowkeeper

It probably goes without saying when an arena edge looks like this one does, but don’t touch it! You may find the shadow mechanics on this one annoying at first, but just try to keep in mind that a shadow falls behind you, so the orders that you’ll be following will be relative to a shadow that’s behind, even if the boss isn’t facing that way. Sounds confusing? That’s ok, that’s what the rest of the guide is for!

Phase 1

  • Forward Implosion – An AoE that covers half the arena in front of the boss.
  • Forward Shadow Implosion – Another AoE that covers half the arena, but this one is relative to the shadow projected, as the name implies. The boss turns to try and fool you, but don’t believe it! Note that if you don’t see a shadow, it’s probably on the other side of the boss from you.
  • Deepshadow Nova – An arena-wise, unavoidable AoE.
  • Backward Implosion – An AoE that covers half the arena behind the boss.
  • Backward Shadow Implosion – Just like before, this half-arena AoE is relative to the shadow projected. This is probably the easiest to interpret, as you just avoid the shadow, since the shadow is what’s counted as “behind” and this is a “backward” implosion.
  • Spawn Shadow – Shadowkeeper will spawn 3 clones, 1 of which will be tethered to it.
  • Shadow Warrior – After a short charge, the clones will jump in clockwise or counter-clockwise circles, and can change the direction they’re jumping for a total of 5 jumps. Visually follow where the tethered clone goes, then, when they stop jumping, run behind it to avoid the forward blast it shoots. Keep in mind that if you don’t see the tether, it could be behind the boss, as illustrated in the following:
  • Deepshadow Nova
  • Fade to Shadow – The boss will pick 2 opposing corners to form shadow puddles in that will eventually become large, circular AoEs. The safe spots will be toward the non-shadows corners, and if you’re centered between the shadowed corners correctly, you can stand right on the boss’ hitbox.

Phase 2

  • The boss will stand on his hind legs and channel a large, circular blast centered on it, with no cast bar. You will have a fair amount of time to run from the AoE indicator, though.
  • Umbra Smash – The boss hits the player with highest hate (hopefully your main tank) with 4 consecutive swings of his sword. Each swing applies a stacking vulnerability to slashing.
  • Shadow’s Edge – The actual tank buster. Since the current main tank just took a stacking debuff, it’s wise for the off tank to provoke and tank this damage unless the main tank chooses to use an invulnerability ability.
  • Left/Right Giga Slash – The boss slashes across the left or right half of the arena.
  • Left/Right Shadow Slash – The boss slashes across the left or right half of the arena relative to the projected shadow. Right before the attack takes effect, the boss will show the direction it was truly facing, but you’ll want to use the earlier projected shadow as reference to be on the safe side.
  • Voidgate – Three puddles that require 2 players each to stand in them appear. In order to keep the boss aligned, it’s best to let the main tank skip out on this mechanic. Failing to fill the puddles results in a damage down debuff and a high damage explosion, multiple of which can wipe the party.
  • Left/Right Shadow Slash (x2) – Notice that two shadows are projected here. Both will have the indicated direction applied. The following is specifically a Right Shadow Slash:

Phase 3

  • An indicator for a knock-back from center, outward, will appear and go off as the boss drops back to all fours. Your knock-back nullifier will work here.
  • Spawn Shadow
  • Shadow Warrior
  • Shadowy Eruption – As soon as Shadow Warrior completes, AoE circles will form under 4 players.
  • Deepshadow Nova
  • Backward/Forward Shadow Implosion (x2) – This cast includes 2 projected shadow spawns. Watch for both! The following is a Backward Shadow Implosion(x2):
  • Deepshadow Nova
  • Fade to Shadow
  • Backward/Forward Implosion – This is done in combination with the Fade to Shadow above. You’ll need to stay toward the middle, see which direction the boss turns, and note which attack it’s using before deciding which safe zone between the Fade to Shadow puddles is truly safe. The following is an example with Forward Implosion, where I happened to be standing behind to start and didn’t have to move:

Phase 4

  • The boss stands once more and casts the large, circular AoE.
  • Voidgate
  • Left/Right Giga Slash
  • Shadowy Eruption
  • Left/Right Shadow Slash (x2)
  • Umbra Smash
  • Shadow’s Edge
  • Shadowy Eruption (x3) – Again, AoE circles will form under 4 players, but 3 sets will appear in sequence, making 12 circles total to avoid.
  • *Phase 3 and Phase 4 cycle until the boss’ defeat.

Congratulations, you’ve completed Eden’s Promise: Litany! For more information on what drops from this encounter, you can go to our wiki page.

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