FFXIV Shadowbringers Guide: Eden’s Promise: Eternity

Eden’s Promise: Eternity is the fourth encounter of the third 8-man, normal raid content released with Patch 5.4 of Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers. It’s available at level 80 by finishing the Main Scenario Quest Reflections in Crystal and unlocked by the quest Voice of the Soul. It can be completed via the duty finder with a minimum ilvl of 485 and rewards tokens of Lost Antiquity for each gear type, which can be turned in to Yahl Yal at (10.1-11.5) in The Canopy, Eulmore. Ghul Gul at (26.6-16.4) in Mord Souq, Ahm Araeng will also exchange tokens of Lost Antiquity for gear.

For the sake of your fellow players, please remember that this is new content (at the time of this publication). A little friendly explanation can go a long way. Similarly, don’t be afraid to take advice. You may learn something you didn’t know.

Eden’s Promise

Who IS this?! Eden’s Promise, that’s who. As always, avoid those scary, open edges, but don’t bother with markers.

Phase 1

  • Maleficium – An arena-wide, unavoidable AoE.
  • Cast – Eden’s Promise draws a memory from one of the crystalline images of the primals at the front of the platform via a visible tether. Each primal correlates to a different mechanic the boss will execute. This first one is always Ramuh, and his memory puts a large, circular AoE in the center of the arena once the cast finishes. Note that “front” here is not actually north.
  • Cast – This draw is from Leviathan and covers the right and left sides of the arena with AoE indicator, leaving a wide lane of safety from front to back. Getting hit will knock you from the platform.
  • Cast – Ramuh.
  • Cast – Leviathan.
  • Formless Judgement – Tank busters on both tanks (so long as they’re the 2 with highest hate).
  • Cast – This draw is from Ifrit and aims 2 very wide conal AoEs toward the front and back, leaving 2 small slivers of safety to the right and left.
  • Cast – This draw is from Garuda and aims thin, conal AoEs at each cardinal direction. Off-cardinals are safe to stand in.
  • Cast – Ifrit.
  • Cast – Garuda.
  • You can skip mechanics with enough DPS.
  • If all of that seems like a lot to remember, here’s a quick, visual guide:

Phase 2

  • Use the glowing pad to go on a literal trip down memory lane.
  • Platform 1
    • Four Lissom Sculptures will appear, tethered to, and attacking, the treasured memory. Defeat them before its health depletes.
    • Two players will be marked with “earth shaker” style markers, meaning a conal AoE will shoot toward each of them from the boss. Aim these away from your team. Everyone else needs to stand in the projected laser beam’s way to block the full damage from hitting the Treasured Memory. If you killed the Lissom Sculptures fast enough, it should have enough health to survive.
  • Platform 2
    • Two stack markers will appear on each healer. The party should split between them to help soak the damage.
    • From the 2 explosions, 2 Chiseled Sculptures will appear to attack the second Treasured Memory.
    • Once they’re defeated, the boss will fire a blast across the platform that will knock all players across it, so observe the arrow indicators and position yourselves appropriately.
  • Platform 3
    • Six beastly sculptures will appear to attack the Treasured memory.
    • After they’re all dead, a knockback out from the center of the platform will appear.
  • You’ll move to yet another platform which looks like the initial one, but isn’t because your markers aren’t there (if you bothered with them). Hopefully, you won’t need them with all the primal images floating at the front of the arena. “Front” is actually north now. You’ll be set down facing the boss initially, but the crystal images you’ll want to be looking at are actually behind you, so turn around!
  • Paradise Lost – High, raid-wide damage.

Phase 3

  • Stock – Eden’s Promise draws from 2 primals at random(?) now, so you’ll have to deal with the varies AoE fields in combination. However, Stock means that the boss is actually stocking up on memories to use them later. You won’t have to deal with the combos until it uses Release.
  • Formless Judgement
  • Release – The previous Stocked primal combo will be put to use now.
  • Stock
  • Junction Titan/Shiva – The boss will use 1 of these 2 abilities.
    • Junction Titan
      • Earthen Fury – Raid-wide damage that ought to be familiar.
      • Bombs will fall at off-cardinal directions and center first, then at cardinal directions. Go to the cardinals and wait for the first set to explode, then move into the new safe pocket. Their ranges are shown clearly on the arena floor pattern.
      • Rapturous Reach – A wide slice in front of the boss that covers slightly more than 180º.
      • A stack marker mechanic.
    • Junction Shiva
      • Diamond Dust – Raid-wide AoE damage that also coats the floor in ice, so don’t move if you can help it. If you end up needing to move, the uncontrollable slide isn’t so long that you’ll fall off the platform as long as you aim carefully. You can try and avoid this by spreading out before the cast finishes.
      • Four players will be marked with AoE circles that travel with them.
      • A healer will be marker with a stack mechanic.
      • Rapturous Reach
      • All players will be marked with AoE circles that travel with them. Markers will go out before Rapturous Reach completes, but the 8 AoEs will go off after Rapturous Reach finishes.
  • Release
  • Cast – Like Stock before it, Cast is now a combination of 2 primal abilities.
  • Cast
  • Maleficium
  • Stock
  • Junction Titan/Shiva
  • Release
  • Phase 3 repeats until Eden’s Promise’s defeat.

Congratulations, you’ve completed Eden’s Promise: Eternity! For more information on what drops from this encounter, you can go to our wiki page.

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