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FFXIV Shadowbringers Guide: Eden's Promise: Anamorphosis

11 Dec 2020

Eden’s Promise: Anamorphosis is the third encounter of the third 8-man, normal raid content released with Patch 5.4 of Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers. It’s available at level 80 by finishing the Main Scenario Quest Reflections in Crystal and unlocked by the quest Voice of the Soul. It can be completed via the duty finder with a minimum ilvl of 485 and rewards tokens of Lost Antiquity for each gear type, which can be turned in to Yahl Yal at (10.1-11.5) in The Canopy, Eulmore. Ghul Gul at (26.6-16.4) in Mord Souq, Ahm Araeng will also exchange tokens of Lost Antiquity for gear.

For the sake of your fellow players, please remember that this is new content (at the time of this publication). A little friendly explanation can go a long way. Similarly, don’t be afraid to take advice. You may learn something you didn’t know.


You ever make a chimera of your multiple dads? Me neither. The key to this one is paying attention to the elemental charge the boss does. Mechanics with the same name will vary based on the element charged. As always, watch out for that open edge and put those markers down! You’ll likely need them!

Phase 1

  • Burnt Strike – This is a double strike, with the second hit varying based on the element charged before hand (in this case fire or lightning). The first strike is always a wide line of AoE across the center of the platform, parallel to the direction the boss is facing. Note that he will turn toward a random player before beginning his charge. The second strike could be either of the following:
    • If Fire – A non-damaging, knock-back from the center of the arena. If need be, players should step closer to the boss after the first strike goes off to avoid being pushed over the edge. Knock-back nullifiers do work here.
    • If Lightning – The second strike will be on the same line as the first, but much wider, so move further from the boss.
Burnt Strike – Fire
Burnt Strike – Lightning
  • Bound of Faith – One player will be tethered to Fatebreak and eventually lifted into an orb of energy that immobilizes them. This mechanic also varies based on elemental charge:
    • If Fire – A stack marker will appear. Players must stack with the tethered player to soak the shared damage. The chosen player seems to always be a DPS.
    • If Lightning – The healer will take the damage on their own and have a strong damage over time applied to them. The chosen player seems to always be a healer, but what better job to watch their own health?
  • Burnished Glory – An unavoidable, arena-wide AoE.
  • Powder Mark – A tank buster with 2 strong hits. The first strike leaves a debuff that counts down until the next explosive hit goes off.
  • Burnt Strike – If you saw Fire before, you’ll see Lightning now, and vice-versa. Also, the main tank will have a large, circular AoE travelling with them, so shuffle as appropriate to avoid being hit by that as well.
  • Bound of Faith – Like above, if you saw Fire, you’ll get Lightning, and vice-versa.
  • Turn of the Heavens – This begins with an elemental charge during the cast. When the cast completes, Fatebreaker will place 9 colored discs on the platform, 4 blue on one half, and 5 red on the other. All discs will generate AoEs under them, but the discs of the opposite color to his elemental charge will have AoEs of the same size. Discs matching the color of his charge will be larger.
    • If Fire – Stand in the safe area between 2 blue discs.
    • If Lightning – Stand between 2 (or 3) red discs. Because the center disc is always red, you can stand a bit closer to the center.
  • Burnished Glory
  • Shifting Sky – This involves a series of mechanics, starting after the boss jumps.
    • First there will be a knock-back from the center.
    • Then the dragon that appears will slash his tail across 2/3s of the arena.
    • The boss will reappear at a point on the platform’s edge and begin charging the Lightning version of Burnt Strike.
    • A second iteration of the boss will appear, charging the Fire version of Burnt Strike.
    • Any quadrant between the intersection of the two strikes can be a safe zone as long as you place yourself correctly. Just like with the individual strikes, stand away from the Lightning version and move close to the Fires strike as soon as the first hit goes off. Because you’ll be crammed in 1 small quadrant, though, be careful not to get too close to the edge.
  • Burnished Glory

Phase 2

  • Burnt Strike – This is a third version of Burnt Strike, a Light aspected one. The first strike goes off the same as before, but there is no second strike along that parallel. Instead, a circular AoE drops under all players. Stack to avoid spreading the circles too far.
  • Burnished Glory
  • Bound of Faith – Like the previous two versions, one player is tethered, and it seems to always be a DPS. That player is marked with a circular AoE that travels with them and must move away from the group before they’re immobilized. After the first AoE completes, that player will get a debuff counting down from 5 seconds, at which point they will explode will holy light for unavoidable, arena-wide damage.
  • Prismatic Deception – Upon completion of the cast, the arena will fill with fog and the boss will be hidden. At 3 consecutive cardinal and off-cardinal points, (for example: NE, N, and NW), you’ll find 3 copies off the boss, ready to to fire beams directly across the arena. The trick here is tat you cannot see the boss unless you’re standing right in front of that cardinal/off-cardinal point. Everyone must fan out to find them, then move to the safe spot where there’s no boss waiting to laser your face. Make sure to inform your team if you’re the one who locates him! This is where the markers come into play. You should have plenty of time.

Phase 3

  • Burnished Glory
  • Powder Mark
  • Turn of the Heavens – This is the same at the previous version, except the main tank will have a giant circle AoE traveling with them. This will finish before you need to be in place among the discs, so just avoid them.
  • Burnt Strike – This can be any of the 3 versions and will be like this until the end of the fight.
  • Burnt Strike
  • Burnished Glory
  • Burnished Glory
  • Powder Mark
  • Turn of the Heavens
  • Burnt Strike
  • Burnished Glory
  • Bound of Faith – This, too, can be any of the 3 versions.
  • Phase 3 repeats until the boss’ defeat.

Congratulations, you’ve completed Eden’s Promise: Anamorphosis! For more information on what drops from this encounter, you can go to our wiki page.

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