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Fallout 76's Steel Dawn Update Will Release Early After Accidental Rollout

24 Nov 2020

Bethesda is releasing Fallout 76‘s Steel Dawn update today, November 24th – a week earlier than was previously announced. 

In a move symbolic of the game’s all-too-common problems with functionality, the update was accidentally launched earlier today for Xbox players. This put players’ clients “out of date” and even caused the game to be uninstalled if the update was canceled, according to Bethesda Support’s Twitter account.

Instead of trying to undo the release for Xbox players, Bethesda began maintenance on Fallout 76 servers at 4 P.M. ET to ready the update for release later today across all platforms, with an official estimation of six hours before it’s accessible. It remains unclear if there will be any effects on the game’s playability due to the early release, though Bethesda’s official statement claims that “the entire BGS [Bethesda Game Studios] team” felt the update was ready.

Steel Dawn is a free update that brings the Brotherhood of Steel faction to Fallout 76‘s Appalachia, and is the biggest expansion for the game since last year’s Wastelanders update. Bethesda has released extensive patch notes on the update, which includes a new questline focused on the Brotherhood of Steel and the ability to craft instanced interiors in the game’s new C.A.M.P. Shelter system.

Image courtesy of Bethesda.