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First Bring Arts Figures for Final Fantasy XI Revealed

9 Nov 2020

A couple of years ago, we got our first look at a Bring Arts figurine based on one of Square Enix’s MMO titles. As a Dragoon, and Estinien fan myself, I was overjoyed to see him brought to life.

More recently, we have a Shadowbringers Y’shtola figure which is set to arrive later this month.

Now, these figures look great and everything, but what if your MMO tastes go back a little further in the Square Enix catalogue? Say… to Final Fantasy XI?

Currently set to release in April of next year, Final Fantasy XI is getting not one, but two Bring Arts figures for you to add to your collection!

Starting at 13,200 yen, you can acquire one of Vana’diel’s wark-tastic companions: the Chocobo.

Chocobo’s are great and all, but perhaps you want…more?

Coming in at 16,280 Yen is the Chocobo and Shanttoto!

It’s great to see Final Fantasy XI getting some recognition with the Bring Arts line, as any new FFXI merchandise these days is rare to see. Currently, these figures are available on the Japanese Square Enix store, and other sites where you might import goods. I would absolutely expect these to show up on other Square Enix online storefronts soon.

Images courtesy of Square Enix.