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Is This the Name of Final Fantasy XIV 6.0?

12 Oct 2020

Back in August 2018 as we began to gear up for the year’s Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festivals, a trademark had appeared online from Square Enix for “Shadowbringers“.

Today, a new trademark by Square Enix has appeared online, leaving many to speculate that this could be the name of version 6.0, which was originally set to be announced next month at a Fan Festival in San Diego.

A Realm Reborn. Heavensward. Stormblood. Shadowbringers. Forspoken?

It certainly feels like something that could fit in with the other expansion names.

All Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festivals for 2020-2021 have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, Square Enix has announced a 14 hour live broadcast in February where they’ll announce more information and possibly announce a digital event for sometime in May.

Do you think Final Fantasy XIV: Forspoken will be 6.0? Or could it be a name for another upcoming title like Project Athia? We can’t wait to find out!