New Images Show off Final Fantasy XIV’s Bozjan Southern Front

With the next Letter from the Producer LIVE set to air tomorrow morning, the special site for Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.3 Reflections in Crystal saw an update today giving players a glimpse at what we can expect in the new Bozjan Southern Front battlefield that arrives with Patch 3.35.

The Bozjan Southern Front

When the Empire first invaded Bozja, Alermuc Fortress was erected in southern Bozja, the location chosen for its natural defenses. Alas, the seemingly impregnable stronghold fell, and has since been known under the Garlean name Castrum Lacus Litore. Emboldened by the rebirth of Gunnhildr’s Blades, the Bozjan Resistance has begun Operation Eagle’s Nest in a bid to regain this most necessary foothold in the southern front.

Skysteel Tools Upgrade

Neillemard and his unflappable team of engineers at the manufactory believe they’ve identified a process by which Skysteel tools might be made to sing as never before─but they’ll have need of crafting and gathering expertise to see the job done.

Patch 5.35 is set to arrive on October 13.

Image courtesy of Square Enix.