The Black Widow Secret Code From Marvel’s Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Edition Can Be Redeemed

Last month, I wrote about the easter egg I discovered in my Marvel’s Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Edition box. It was code on the back of the Black Widow belt buckle that referenced one of the comics, specifically, Tales of Suspense #93 which was the first appearance of MODOK.


At the time I had received the box, I tried to redeem this “code” to no avail on the game’s official website. However, an e-mail was recently sent out to players of the game and in it, it stated the following:

Black Widow has a hidden secret code in the Earth’s Mightiest edition of Marvel’s Avengers which will unlock an exclusive nameplate. Find the code and redeem it on

Of course, I had already tried it but…did it recently get activated?

Sure enough, the code worked and I received the Black Widow 051 Nameplate.

You can redeem the code (TLS-SUSP-93-9-67) for yourself at