Aetheryte Radio 179: Tales from the Shadows (Part 2)

As we approach the end of 5.0, the FFXIV team has given us four more Tales from the Shadows stories to satiate our ever-questioning minds! This episode, we go over each of the last four tales, recounting our impressions and maaaybe doing some of our patented tin hat speculation.

• 0:00 Introduction & Amusement Park Rides
• 1:04 FFXVI Discussion 49:53 Small Mercies (Tale 5)
• 1:06:25 A Dream Partnership (Tale 6)
• 1:30:09 Ere Our Curtain Falls (Tale 7)
• 2:08:43 An Unpromised Tomorrow (Tale 8)
• 2:50:20 Other lore elements we’d like to see short stories for
• 2:57:23 Outro

You can find our show featuring the first four stories here.

Read the stories yourself here!

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