Lyrics for Final Fantasy XIV’s “To The Edge”

I don’t know about all of you, but I was listening hard to the lyrics of the final fight in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers‘ most recent patch. While it was a little hard to make out every last word, the words that I could make out were, for lack of a better term, freaking amazing. The lyrics of “To The Edge” are a wonderful look into the fights participants and serve to make the fight that much more emotional.

The Final Fantasy XIV Developer’s Blog has finally posted the lyrics for the song and there’s a good chance I’m going to be hosting my own karaoke party for myself later today because these lyrics are just that good. It may not be some amazing grade 3 skybuilder’s hemp, but trust me when I tell you, “this is the good shite.”

To The Edge

All our splendour bathed black in silence
Our surrender a sombre reverie

Slowly drifting down into twilight
Left to sifting through faded memories

Know our places, for worth is wordless
Evanescent, this writing on the wall

Brother stay this descent to madness
Come and save us. Catch us before we fall

Like broken angels, wingless, cast from heavens’ gates
(Our slumb’ring demons awake)

We only fly when falling, falling far from grace
(Hell take us, heaven can wait)

Our lives a message in a bottle cast to sea
(Disgrace untold and unseen)

Quick to their ends, our candles burn until we’re free

In monochrome melodies
Our tears are painted in red
(Bleeding to the edge)
Deep inside we’re nothing more
Than scions and sinners
In the rain
Do light and darkness fade

Yes, time circles endlessly
The hands of fate trained ahead
(Pointing to the edge)
All things change, drawn to the flame
To rise from the ashes.
To begin
We first must see the end

Rock of ages, we cast the first stone
In our cages, we know not what we do

Indecision here at the crossroads
Recognition, tomorrow’s come too soon

Follow blindly like lambs to slaughter
At the mercy of those who ply the sword

As our song wends dead underwater
We’re forgotten for now and evermore

Without a compass wand’ring lost in lies of faith
(Faith slowly wasting away)

Only alive in fighting Death’s amber embrace
(Our hearts beat loud, unafraid)

On Hands and knees we pray to gods we’ve never seen
(Come shadow, come follow me)

The final hour upon us, no more time to breathe

This track, and others are available on the Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers EP 2 which is available now.

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