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Xbox Series X and Series S Price and Date Revealed

9 Sep 2020

Yesterday, after being leaked on social media, Microsoft officially revealed the Xbox Series S.

The Xbox Series S is an all-digital counterpart to the Xbox Series X, with a 512GB SSD, and slightly lowered specs which gives it a target resolution of 1440p at 60-120 FPS compared to the Xbox Series X hitting 4K resolution at the same frame rate. Microsoft also states that the Xbox Series S is the smallest console they’ve ever made at around less than half the size of the Xbox Series X.

The killer, though, is the price of the Xbox Series S, which will retail for $299. This makes it a much more affordable option for those who are looking to invest in next-gen gaming. Couple this with Game Pass, and it’s a deal that’s hard to beat.

Fast forward to today, Microsoft announced that the Xbox Series X will retail for $499. In addition, both consoles will be launching soon on November 10 with pre-orders beginning September 22.

Both systems will also be available through Xbox All Access which includes a console and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at a fee of $24.99 or $34.99 a month for a period of 24 months depending on which hardware you decide to go with.

Featured image courtesy of Microsoft.