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Shenmue: The Animation Announced

4 Sep 2020

Yu Suzuki seems to be going all in on making his Shenmue dreams come true. Because he’s going to be Executive Producing a 13 episode anime adaptation for Ryo Hazuki and his quest for revenge.

Announced today during the Virtual Crunchyroll Expo, it was revealed that Shenmue: The Animation is currently in production. Telecom Animation Film will be on board for a 13 episode run, with Chikara Sakurai in the director’s chair.

No details were revealed about how much of the story from the games will be covered in this run, but it was said that those details would be revealed “at a later date.” Those who remember the US release of Shenmue II will remember that it included a DVD of the first game’s cutscenes presented as Shenmue: The Movie. With that in mind, having an animated series doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch.

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Image via Crunchyroll