Aetheryte Radio 177: Patch 5.3 Review


Come one, come all, to the show you’ve all been waiting for! This week on Aetheryte Radio we’ll dazzle you with our review of the latest FFXIV patch: 5.3! But wait! For one night, and one night only (until some time in the future), the fabulous Glenn Ángel will join the crew for our spoiler spectacular!

You can find our written review here.

Check out Glenn Ángel’s Twitter and Twitch!

⦁ 0:00 Introduction & News
⦁ 14:22 Review START!
⦁ 16:00 MSQ/Dungeon (The Heroes’ Gauntlet)
⦁ 1:25:04 Trial (The Seat of Sacrifice)
⦁ 1:44:40 Raid (Puppet’s Bunker)
⦁ 2:07:11 Disciples of Land and Hand Changes (Dwarf Tribe Dailies, Delivery NPC, Trial Crafting)
⦁ 2:22:23 Other (Flying, Sorrow of Werlyt, Etc.)
⦁ 2:49:35 5.3 Final Score & All Shadowbringers Reviews Comparison
⦁ 2:52:08 What hit us in the feels the hardest!

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