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Everything Announced in Nintendo's Indie World Showcase

18 Aug 2020

Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase, broadcast earlier this morning, was packed full of games, many of which will be released today. Some of these games will also be on sale in the Nintendo e-Shop.

You can check out the entire broadcast above, and read-on for the full breakdown! Here’s absolutely everything announced:


The showcase started off with HADES, a dungeon crawler where you fight to escape Hell as the titular mythological god. It releases Fall 2020.

Hypnospace Outlaw

A throw-back to the early days of the internet, in this simulator you’ll deal with things like computer viruses as you seek out “hackers and other virtual villains” while exploring an alternate history set in the year 1999. This game will be released on August 27th for the Nintendo Switch.


In this game, you’ll play as Stella as she ferries the spirits of the deceased to the afterlife. You’ll befriend and care for these spirits through crafting and exploration as you travel together by boat. Spiritfarer is available today.

Garden Story

A top-down perspective, action-adventure game, you’ll play as Concord (a grape) as you strive to unite your home, the Grove, to fight against the Rot. This game will release in 2021.

Subnautica and Subnautica: Below Zero

In both these games, you’ll craft resources and explore worlds submerged underwater whilst fighting off hostile flora and fauna. These games will be available for the Nintendo Switch in early 2021.

Takeshi and Hiroshi

As Takeshi, you’ll design a game for your little brother, Hiroshi, that he can successfully progress through. Using RPG elements and employing puppet-animation, this game explores the bond between brothers. It is available today.

Raji: An Ancient Epic

This action-adventure game is set in India and explores Hindu and Bali mythology. Through combat and platforming elements, you’ll fight off demons in effort to save Raji’s younger brother. A timed console exclusive, Raji is available today.

Bear and Breakfast

A management-focused game, you’ll play as Hank, a bear, who is tasked with building up his bed and breakfast inn to attract customers. As you expand your business in the wilderness around the inn, there are threatening forces you’ll have to contend with. This game will be a timed console exclusive releasing in 2021.

A Short Hike

In this exploration game, you play as a bird as you make your way across Hawk Peak Provincial Park, meeting other hikers and seeking out treasures. This game is a available today and is a timed console exclusive.

Card Shark

In this game, you’ll purposefully cheat at cards as you progress toward higher stakes games, complete with more danger if you’re caught. Along the way, you’ll learn real card tricks. This game releases in 2021.

Torchlight III

Another dungeon crawler, in this game you’ll fight hoards of enemies and upgrade your gear while also having some loyal pets at your side to help. It will release in Fall 2020.

Manifold Garden

In this physics-defying game, you’ll solve puzzles inspired by artwork that manipulates perspective. You’ll bend gravity as you progress through complex, repeating structures. This game is available today.


A 2-D platformer with puzzle and action elements, in Evergate you guide a spirit, Ki, through the afterlife. With the help of a tool called the Soul Flame, which allows you to slow time, you’ll rediscover memories and save the afterlife. This game releases today.


A game with a story of two lovers trying to stay together on a wasteland-like planet. This will be released later this year.

Going Under

A dungeon crawler where you fight through procedurally generated environments beneath a corporation, complete with satirical commentary. This title releases September 24th.

The Red Lantern

A resource management game where you use sled dogs to find your way back home after being lost in the Alaskan wilderness. This releases in Autumn of 2020.


A co-op game where you build and maintain train tracks across prodecurally generated environments. This releases September 23rd and a demo is available today.


A co-op game where each player controls one arm of a monster / mutation as they work together to use the game’s physics to move through disturbing environments. This releases August 27th.


A puzzle-focused platformer with three playable characters, Inmost consists of a exploring an old castle and confronting the evil presence inside. It releases on August 21st.

She Dreams Elsewhere

An isometric RPG, this game focuses on the interplay of dreams and reality. It releases in early 2021.


A puzzle game with battles that focuses on the idea of hard work, this releases in autumn 2020.


A procedurally-generated platformer, this game has you helping Death to rid a pest from her lair. It releases in autumn 2020.

And…an Update for Untitled Goose Game

A free two player update will be released September 23rd.

All images and trailers courtesy of Nintendo.