Aetheryte Radio 174: Live Letter LIX

27 Jul 2020

Get your kicks~ From Live Letter LIX~♪
Today Aldianaux, Xenedra, and FusionX give you a rundown of the long-awaited Producer Letter Live 59! You can find Gamer Escape’s summary here.

0:00 Introduction
1:29 Patch release date and trailer impressions
11:03 MSQ, Secret Trial, Dungeon, Beastman Dailies
19:01 24 Man
21:50 Unreal Trials and Faux Hollows
31:27 Bozja and Resistance Weapons
51:42 Job Adjustments
1:05:01 Crafting/Gathering Updates, Ishgard
1:18:21 Misc Updates
1:33:16 Fanfest Updates
1:35:28 New Merch

Watch live on Saturdays at noon PST.