Alfa System's "Sisters Royale" Makes its Way to XBox One

13 Jul 2020

The XBox series of consoles is typically seen as starved of Japanese-developed releases, and it appears bullet hell shoot-em-ups are no exception. Luckily, for fans of the genre, one developer is taking the time to port a recent title over to the XBox One.

Alfa System, developers of classic bullet hell series Castle of Shikigami (and, closer to my heart, a number of portable Tales Of titles), recently ported their newest hail of bullets title Sisters Royale to Microsoft’s current console.

The game had been previously available on PS4 and Switch. Sisters Royal carries over the anime aesthetics from Castle of Shikigami (although it appears to have gone in a more…”cute”…direction this time around). Publisher Chorus Worldwide mentions that this release is a “modern spiritual successor” to the Shikigami series.

If anime girls dodging walls of colorful bullets is your thing, Sisters Royale is now available on XBox One.

Images and screenshots courtesy of Alfa System.