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Everything From EA PLAY Live 2020

18 Jun 2020

Today at EA Play Live 2020 there were a handful of new announcements as well as a sneak peak of what’s coming up in the future for next-gen consoles.

Cross-play was a big focus on many of the titles shown, including confirmation that Star Wars: Squadrons will be cross-play and fully playable in VR.

Additionally, EA announced that The Sims 4, Titanfall 2, A Way Out, Dead Space 3, Command and Conquer Remastered Collection and more are available on Steam starting today.

To close out the show, it was announced that a new Skate game is in development!

Read on for all the juicy info from today’s presentation and if you’d like to watch it in its entirety, you can see it here.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends season 5 is adding a new collection event called “Lost Treasures”. The event will start next week on June 23.

Apex Legends is also coming to Steam and the Nintendo Switch and will support cross-play this fall.

It Takes Two

Lost in Random

Rocket Arena

Star Wars: Squadrons

EA Sports

Images courtesy of Electronic Arts.