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Now Taking Your Completely Necessary Submissions for Aetheryte Radio Episode 167

11 May 2020

For those that haven’t had a chance to catch up with the latest episodes of our Final Fantasy XIV podcast Aetheryte Radio, allow us to provide an excerpt from episode 166:

“Look, we could do a whole episode of just getting them to help us justify completely nonsensical hair brain garbage that we want to see in the game.”

“Add it to the list.”

“Moose is gonna kill me.”

So, strap in, hold onto your butts, and get ready to submit your “completely nonsensical hair brain garbage” because we’re going to do an episode of completely unnecessary lorecraft on May 23 at Noon PT over on our Twitch channel!

What we need from you

This episode is going to heavily rely on submissions from our audience! Using the various channels that are available to get into contact with us here at Aetheryte Radio, we want you to send us the first thing that comes to mind when you see this question:

If you could have a collaboration between Final Fantasy XIV and some other form of pop culture, what would it be?

We’ll take your submissions and with the help of Annonymoose and Ethys, make it somehow fit into the world of Final Fantasy XIV.

Please include your player name and world when submitting your idea. Submissions must be in by May 22nd in order to be considered for the episode.