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Possible FFXIR Images Discovered

6 May 2020

Information on Square Enix and Nexon’s joint Final Fantasy XI mobile title (FFXIR) has been… scarce to the say the least. It’s been two years since we got any sort of look at the game.

Last month, we asked Final Fantasy Director Yoji Fujito and Producer Akihiko Matsui if they could give us any sort of update on the status of FFXI’s mobile version. However, they were unable to provide any comment.

Today, new images have come to light, appeared on a portfolio website which shows off various areas of Vana’diel as well as a world map.

The images are largely showing landscape details that are being added. Some interesting things to point out include the rainbow in La Theine Plateau (a nod to the Summoner quest?), and the meteor-like object seen in the sky in Sarutabaruta (potential ties to Wings of the Goddess?).

We want to stress that these images are not officially released assets and therefore we can not guarantee their validity, but given the current lack of information for FFXIR, and the potential legitimacy of these images, we made the decision to share them.

Editor’s Note: The gallery was removed due to a DMCA request by NEXON Korea Corporation

via /r/ffxi