FFXIV Shadowbringers Guide: Memoria Misera (Extreme)

14 Apr 2020

Memoria Misera (Extreme) is the trial added alongside the Resistance Weapons relic questline released in patch 5.25 of Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers. It’s available at level 80 by finishing the quest Fire in the Forge and talking to the Wandering Dramaturge standing nearby in Gangos. It can be completed via the duty finder with a minimum ilvl of 470, and rewards coffers that can be transformed into ilvl 480 job-specific gear, dyeable versions of the free ilvl 430 gear for finishing your role quests. As usual for extreme trials, you will also be rewarded with High Legatus Idols which can be turned in to C’intana in Mor Dhona if the loot rolls are not in your favor. You will receive 2 idols per win, and need 19 for a full set.

As an Extreme trial, expect a leap in difficulty from the dungeons and trials that brought you here. Please be patient with your fellow players, help teach them where possible, and do your best to be as well-informed as possible and appropriately geared, ideally with no pieces significantly below the required ilvl of 430.

Pre-fight Planning

Before the fight begins, you’ll want to figure out a few things: First, assign everyone a clock position around the boss. Secondly, split the party into two stacks. Each stack requires a healer in it, though the rest of the roles aren’t important. Lastly, decide which stack is going north and which will go south. Preferably your stack groups will all have clock spots on the same side.

Class Specific Advice


Main tanks should keep the boss in the middle and pointed north whenever possible, and off-tanks should be south with the rest of the party except when sharing Citius with the main tank. Cooldowns should be used on Citius and when grabbing the Blade’s Pulse for Vivere Militare Est. If you’re feeling extra helpful, you can use Reprisal or party mitigation like Shake it Off for Altius and stacks. Lastly, take care when moving the boss back to the middle after moving for mechanics: If he pauses to use Citius, stop and position yourself so it doesn’t hit players who may be moving south of the center.


Stay south of the boss whenever possible. The major unavoidable damage comes from Altius, stacks, and Fortius. In the first two phases you can likely get away with AoE regens, but in the third phase unavoidable damage will be coming more frequently and you may need to break out your faster tools, with the two biggest heal checks being Vivere Militare Est and the Altius into Festina Lente after the second Fortius.


Congratulations, you get to basically ignore a few mechanics. Citius is completely not your problem, and you’ll be dodging the aftermath of Altius alongside whatever other mechanics are going on. Even the first phase change, Vivere Militare Est, is just a change of target for you and little else. That said, keeping uptime can be a concern especially for casters. Pay attention whenever he uses a Gunshield ability, this usually involves a set of back to back mechanics with movement attached. Likewise, it is even more important for you than for others to not hit the directional parry during Reinforced Gunshield, as you’ll do 0 damage for that hit and less damage going forward, and the less damage you do the more mechanics everyone has to see.

Phase 1

The name of the game in this trial is delayed mechanics. All the Gunshield moves as well as Altius, Varis Phantom, Ignis Est, and Ventus Est all place a trigger that takes effect later, and not necessarily in the order they were placed. Learning the order in which effects go off is vital to survival here. In all cases where delayed moves cause mechanics to flow into each other, they’ve been grouped together. Main tank should tank Varis in the middle of the room whenever possible to make certain mechanics easier.

  • Altius: Everyone needs to stack behind the boss, with the possible exception of the main tank. Healers handle the moderate AoE (Regens alone will be enough), and take note of the blue Terminus Est Xs that have appeared over every player. These will fire forward in the direction the player was facing during Altius at the end of the following mechanic.
    • Alea Iacta Est: Varis will turn to a random player and begin casting this. He will swipe 180 degrees four times in that direction, then turn around and do another 180 degree attack. To avoid this, wait until he begins casting before moving behind him, counting four hits, and moving back. The Terminus Est will fire at the same time as the fifth hit, so stand off to the side if the tank did not move.
  • Citius: Shared tankbuster. Tanks can either stack north and cooldown, or the MT can use an invulnerability.
  • Ignis Est: This targets a random player and, during the next mechanic, fires a line in that direction as well as a large circle under Varis. If Varis is tanked in the middle, the circle neatly marks the danger zone.
    • Festina Lente: Two stack markers will target each healer. Split into your assigned stack groups outside of the inner circle to handle this.
  • Electrified Gunshield: Despite being the first move, this goes off last for this string of mechanics. It will inflict knockback… eventually. For now, just get behind Varis.
    • Altius: Same as before, stack south of the boss and heal up.
    • Ignis Est: Same as before, get out of the middle. If you stayed stacked until he began casting this, Ignis will fire south while Terminus will fire north, and the party can dodge east or west as they please. As soon as Ignis goes off, Electrified Gunshield will resolve, so either run in or use an anti-knockback like Surecast or Arm’s Length.
  • Reinforced Gunshield: This is another delayed move. It will grant Varis Directional Parry to either his front and back or sides, inflicting knockback, damage down, and bleed to anyone who hits from those directions. Eventually.
    • Citius: Same tankbuster as before, share or invuln it. Reinforced Gunshield will go off immediately after, so soon as the tankbuster goes off hold DPS for just a moment to see where it’s safe to attack. Chances are taking the debuff is more of a DPS loss than getting that next GCD in a half second earlier.
  • Loaded Gunshield: The last of the delayed gunshields, this will fire a circular AoE at each player after the next mechanic. Spread out to your clock spots to avoid this.
    • Ventus Est: This works exactly like Ignis Est, except it’s a donut instead of a circle. So if Varis is tanked in the middle, that inner circle is where you want to be. At the same time you’ll want to spread out to handle Loaded Gunshield, but there is one small problem: Whoever’s spot Ventus is pointed at is going to have a bad time. To adjust they’ll need to move into their neighbor’s spot, wait for Ventus to go off, then move back into their own spot. To make this easier, they can stand closer to the boss while everyone else stands near the edge of the circle. If they move out once Ventus goes out, that’ll create a bit more breathing room.
  • Vivere Militare Est: After a brief cutscene two Blade’s Pulse will appear. Tanks need to grab these or the party will wipe, preferably with cooldowns. Healers need to be ready to spam AoE heals. DPS need to burn down the Bladesblood as fast as they can. It will unleash one final extra powerful burst immediately when it dies, so make sure everyone is well healed.

Phase 2

In this phase he will use one of three different patterns, each starting with a corresponding Gunshield move. The order he does these in is random. After using all three, he will enter the final Gunshield move of the phase.

  • Electrified Gunshield: Knockback… eventually.
    • Turrets: Five turrets will be summoned. Two of them are untargetable and have tethers the tanks need to grab. The other three do line AoEs and must be defeated. At the same time, watch the north end of the arena for…
    • Phantoms: Four phantoms will appear on the north side of the arena firing south, leaving only a third of the arena safe. Try to focus damage on turrets outside of the safe area first, so ranged units can finish them off once everyone needs to move to safety. Once the phantoms fire, Electrified Gunshield will inflict knockback, so move in or use anti-knockback after.
    • Alea Iacta Est: Soon after the knockback he’ll use this. It’s exactly the same as the one shortly into the fight, except knockback and moving to the safe zone may mean not everyone is in the same place. Figure out which way he’s facing once he starts casting, then move behind for four hits before moving back in front for the fifth.
  • Loaded Gunshield: Signifies the start of this set of mechanics. Start moving toward your clock positions
    • Ignis Est: As before, fires a line towards where a random player was standing as well as a circle around Varis. This is mostly the same as the previous Loaded Gunshield, except you’re outside the circle instead of inside, and thus have more wiggle room.
    • Phantoms: Four phantoms to the north, one third of the arena is safe. Move it.
    • Festina Lente: At the same time the phantoms are firing, a pair of stack markers on the healers will go off. Simply have one group to the north and one south to handle this.
    • Citius: Same tankbuster as before. This will go off in the direction the main tank is in once the move goes off, which may be a problem if trying to move the boss back in position. Tanks may wish to handle this first, then return to the middle.
  • Reinforced Gunshield: Marks the start of this set of mechanics. Move behind the boss.
    • Altius: Moderate raid damage and Terminus Est spawns.
    • Ventus Est: If positioned properly, both Ventus and the Terminus adds will all be facing north or south. Dodge east or west, and pause for just a moment when Ventus goes off to see which side is safe to attack without hitting directional parry.
    • Citius: Shared tankbuster.
  • Gunshield: For the end of the phase, Varis will hide behind his shield and begin casting an extra powerful Altius. The shield must be broken before he finishes or it will wipe the party. There are only two moves he will use during this entire phase, and they may be done in either order so pay attention to the cast bar.
    • Magitek Spark: An extremely narrow cone at each player that inflicts Magic Vulnerability Up. Stacking up will kill you, some parties determine an order for this pre-fight, but the timing is lenient enough to just figure out an order on the fly.
    • Magitek Torch: A stack marker towards a random player.

Phase 3

This introduces Fortius, the last new mechanic you’ll see in the fight. There’s a few remixes of move combinations, but if not killed in time he will eventually cast an Altius that will wipe the party if you hit enrage.

  • Loaded Gunshield: Spread out to clock spots in preparation.
    • Fortius: The brand new mechanic, this will fire a conal AoE and a puddle at each player, then fire the cones three more times while rotating them clockwise or counterclockwise. To handle this, move out to drop your puddle and get hit by the first conal, then move in for the second hit. Dodge left or right for the third hit, then return to your original position for the final hit. If everyone is spaced more or less evenly, this will result in dodging every hit except the unavoidable one. Afterwards, stay in your spot. Don’t rush back in immediately, you’ll want to wait for Loaded Gunshield to go off.
  • Festina Lente: Split into your stack markers. This comes right on the heels of Fortius without a lot of time to recover, so deaths during that mechanic can spiral into further deaths here.
  • Citius: Same tankbuster as before. Tanks may need some extra love due to the stack marker immediately before.
  • Electrified Gunshield: This may be Electrified, but move to your clock spots.
    • Fortius: Handle this exactly the same as before. While you’re setting up for it, phantoms will appear on the north end of the arena. If you’re in front of them, don’t panic. Fortius will go off first and still needs to be handled.
    • Phantoms: Keep an eye on the north end of the arena during Fortius and figure out where the safe spot is. As soon as the fourth hit of Fortius goes off, move to the safe spot. Soon as the phantoms fire, either move in or use anti-knockback.
  • Altius: Stack behind the boss and heal up.
    • Phantoms: Look for the safe spot and move there. Pre-emptively move into your stack positions as well.
    • Festina Lente: Stack markers on both healers.
    • Ventus Est: He’ll aim the green X at one player, make sure to stay close.
    • Alea Iacta Est: He’ll target a random player, do four swipes, and turn around for the fifth. At the same time, ALL of the previous Est effects will go off: The Terminus Est from the Altius, the Terminus Est from the phantoms, and the Ventus Est. You should already be in the safe area from the phantoms so they’re a non-issue, and ideally that’s one of the sides so the first Terminus Ests aren’t a danger either. Even if you do have to deal with them, if you dodge a bit to the side when running behind him and don’t go too far you should be safe.
  • Citius: Tankbuster. As before, wait for this to go off before taking him back to the middle.

Ideally Varis should be defeated by this point. If not, it’s nothing you haven’t seen before, just in new orders until you hit the hard enrage.

Congratulations, you’ve completed Memoria Misera (Extreme)!