FFXIV Shadowbringers Guide: Eden's Verse: Iconoclasm

29 Feb 2020

Eden’s Verse: Iconoclasm is the third encounter of the second 8-man, normal raid content released with Patch 5.2 of Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers. It’s available at level 80 by finishing the Main Scenario Quest Shadowbringers and unlocked by the quest Heart of Darkness. It can be completed via the duty finder with a minimum ilvl of 455 and rewards tokens of Golden Antiquity for each gear type, which can be turned in to Yahl Yal at (10.1-11.5) in The Canopy, Eulmore. Ghul Gul at (26.6-16.4) in Mord Souq, Ahm Araeng will also exchange tokens of Golden Antiquity for gear.

For the sake of your fellow players, please remember that this is new content (at the time of this publication). A little friendly explanation can go a long way. Similarly, don’t be afraid to take advice. You may learn something you didn’t know.

The Idol of Darkness

Make note of the 4 by 4 grid on the floor, you’ll need it for a number of mechanics. Also notice the lack of walls, but were we expecting anything else from this particular locale?

Phase 1

  • Empty Wave – An unavoidable, arena-wide AoE.
  • Unshadowed Stake – A tether targeting the player with the highest hate. After a short time, it will fire off a laser, so take it away from your party.
  • Words of Motion (1) – Two masses of the whirling sineaters will appear on the north side of the platform, followed shortly by 2 more. They will dash across the arena down each of their lanes in the order in which they appeared, so get ready to move from one lane to the next. Getting hit by a swirl applies a vulnerability debuff.
  • Words of Motion (2) – The Idol of Darkness will place two sets of portals on the ground, one blue, one red. Two more sets of 2 sineater swirls will appear at the front of the arena. For this particular time, because the exits for the portals are at the back of the arena, all you need to do is stay up front and dodge the dashes. In future mechanics you will need to dodge in sequences from the front, then the side. There’s a lot of dodging in your future!
  • Words of Motion (3) – Two portals will be placed at the back, and 4 along one side or the other, then our now-familiar 2 sets of 2 swirls will phase in. Make note of which side of sineater swirls appears first, and which portal at the back they will be going into and thusly out of. Once you determine which portal is first in line, move to the row of the opposite color. Dodge the 2 swirl dashes up front, then the third and fourth dashes from the sides.
Words of Motion.
  • Away with Thee – These look scarier than they are. Once the timer is up, they simply move you from where you’re standing to where the other circle indicator is and they don’t do any damage. They can point any cardinal direction off of your character, so it hitting the boss without turning can become a challenge if you’re stuck with an inconvenient direction. Just keep an eye on the timer and don’t accidentally turn at the last second and dump yourself over the edge.
  • False Twilight – A circular AoE will drop at the feet of each player when the cast finishes. Stack to condense the AoE mess. There is ample time to move afterward.
  • Two stack indicators show up on random DPS players. Split appropriately. They apply a very brief magic defense down debuff.
  • Empty Wave
  • Unshadowed Stake
  • Unjoined Aspect – Each player will be marked with either an astral or umbral aspect effect.
  • Words of Night – Four swirls of sineaters will appear at the front, 2 umbral and 2 astral. To avoid being damaged by this, stand in the opposite effect from the one on your character, ie: astral effects stands in umbral sineater line and vice-versa. Each time you’re hit by an aspected swirl dash, your aspect will change to the opposite one. Three of these dashes happen in a row, so make sure you’re taking your aspect change into account when adjusting for the second and third dashes.

Phase 2

  • Two Idolatry adds will spawn, 1 on either side of the room. These do not need to die at the same time, but instead are both on unseen timers to begin casting Extermination. This will wipe the raid, but you should have plenty of time.
  • Away with Thee
  • Strength in Numbers – Two donut AoEs centered on both adds. Make sure to adjust your Away with Thee landing point so that you will either be outside of these when Away with Thee moves you, or can easily move out of them. You’ll have time to take 1 or 2 steps after you’re moved.
  • Silver Shot – Every player will be marked with a traveling, circular AoE. Spread out.
  • Strength in Numbers – This appears as large circular AoEs instead of donuts this time.

Phase 3

  • Empty Flood – A high damage AoE kicking off the last phase.
  • Unjoined Aspect
  • Words of Night – Just as before, there will be 2 astral and 2 umbral swirls, but now the mechanic is combines with portals. When the swirls appear, make note of which aspect, astral or umbral, is going into which portal color. ALSO remember that when the aspected swirl hits you, your aspect will change, so the one you’re standing in the first time, will not be the one you stand the second time. So, if the aspect you stand in the first time goes into the red portal, you’ll want to stand on one of the blue rows when the aspected swirls exit the portals, and vice-versa.
Words of Night.
  • One more dash of aspected swirls will take place, without the portals.
  • Away with Thee
  • Two puddles will appear that will need at least one player to stand in them. Tanks (or anyone) should try and adjust their Away with Thee landing pads to place them in one of the puddles. Failing to stand in a puddle will apply a vuln’ stack to everyone.
  • Empty Wave
  • Unshadowed Stake
  • Words of Motion (3)
  • False Twilight
  • Two stack indicators.
  • This pattern wasn’t entirely clear from the data gathered, but there shouldn’t be any unexplained mechanics.

Congratulations, you’ve completed Eden’s Verse: Iconoclasm! For more information on what drops from this encounter, you can go to our wiki page.

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