Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.2 Site Updated

Today the site for Final Fantasy XIV‘s Patch 5.2: Echoes of a Fallen Star was updated with new images showing off some of the updates coming next week on February 18.

Qitari Quests

Driven from their ancestral home during the Flood and forced to live in exile for a hundred years, a bewhiskered tribe of scribes and scriveners makes their triumphant return to the Rak’tika Greatwood. Heed the call of the guardian of ancient Ronka and probe long-forsaken subterranean hollows, that these stewards of lost knowledge might reclaim their legacy.

Ishgardian Restoration

Under the watchful eye of Francel de Haillenarte, the reconstruction of the Firmament enters its second phase, which shall see works carried out on the residential quarter. Once thrumming with life, the area has long lain in silent ruin, but by the combined efforts of artisans from near and far, it shall rise from the rubble once more to welcome Ishgardians home!

Ocean Fishing

The sea is vast and fathomless, teeming with creatures no man or woman has laid eyes upon. The Fishermen’s Guild cannot let this stand, and has built the Endeavor to unveil nature’s hidden bounty. Captain Foerzagyl seeks able fishers willing to brave the unknown, and welcomes any with a rod in their hand and adventure in their heart.

The Gold Saucer
Leap of Faith

A treacherous new course based on the Floating City of Nym tests the acrobatic abillities of those brave enough to accept the challenge.

Crafting and Gathering Overhaul

Following the improvements that began in Patch 5.1, crafter and gatherer actions receive a number of updates. Crafters can now view the expected outcome of their actions, and fishers have access to a new all-purpose lure. The Skysteel tools bring a brand-new experience, allowing players to upgrade them over the course of several patches.
Materia can now be extracted from fully spiritbound gear without losing the original item, and materia can be melded to gear regardless of crafter class.

New Game+

Chronicles of a New Era and Side Story Quests are now available through New Game+, allowing you to relive your journey through the Crystal Tower and beyond with fondly remembered allies from adventures past.


Rain or shine, these stylish new personal effects open up all manner of possibilities for fashion and roleplay.

Allagan Tomestones of Allegory

A new variety of tomestone opens the way to powerful gear.

New Crafting Recipes

Take the market by storm with an assortment of new crafting recipes!

New Mounts, Minions, Hairstyle, and Emotes

Be it by land, sky, or sea, these new mounts will take you where you need to go.