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Dates and Locations Announced for the Next Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fests

6 Feb 2020

Today during the Letter from the Producer Live LVII stream, Square Enix announced when, and where the next series of Fan Festivals will be held for Final Fantasy XIV.

As usual, North America will be the first stop for this round of Fan Fests. In order to help facilitate the large demand of players in the region, the event will be moving from Las Vegas and will now take place at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California on November 6-7.

Next up, Japan’s event will be moving from Tokyo this year as they announce the Aichi Sky Expo in Nagoya. This second event will take place December 19-20.

Last, but certainly not least, after Fan Fests in London, Germany, and France, Square Enix will be going back to London with the event being hosted at ExCeL London February 20-21.

Of course now that the dates and locations have been announced, the next big question is “when can we get tickets?” and for that, we’ll just have to be patient.