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Hands-on with Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind DLC

30 Jan 2020

Last week we saw the arrival of the long awaited DLC for Kingdom Hearts III in the form of Re Mind.

Would this release solve the issues players with had with the original release? Well…yes and no.

The story of Re Mind continues from the final plot point of the game, with Sora going off to rescue Kairi. In order to do that, however, Sora has to use his powers to go back in time. The gameplay of Re Mind essentially takes you through the last few hours of the game in the Keyblade Graveyard and Scala ad Caelum. This time around you’re able to play as different characters for some of the key battles, though to be honest, I can’t say that this does much to make it feel like a different experience. The first couple of hours of playing this DLC felt like simply rehashed content. As you get into the meat of the Re Mind you start to see some slight shifts in the narrative, before ultimately getting an ending that doesn’t feel all that different from the original.

After you complete the story of Re Mind, you unlock the ‘Limitcut’ episode, which finally lets a few of our favorite Final Fantasy characters make their appearance in Kingdom Hearts III. The Limitcut episode is essentially a boss battle challenge for seasoned players. Going into the DLC, my completed game save file had Sora at level 54 sans Ultima Weapon. After just a couple of hits from the bosses here, I was seeing game over screens, and it was clear that unless I put in a lot of extra work I wouldn’t be unlocking the secret episode at the end of all of this. Thankfully, YouTube is a thing that exists and anyone that happens to be in the same boat as myself can easily look up the ending of the DLC, which is…very interesting to say the least.

However, these two chapters aren’t all that accompany the Re Mind DLC. For those that enjoy photo modes, Kingdom Hearts III now has a new ‘Data Greeting’ mode which will let you select an area from the game and pose different characters and enemies. There is also the addition of the new ‘Premium Menu’ mode which will give players some very interesting options while playing the game. When starting a new save file, players will be able to choose from three modes now: Usual Adventure, Easy Adventure, and Challenging Adventure. Easy Adventure lets you enable ‘EZ Codes’ in the Premium Menu to make things much less challenging during your playthrough. On the opposite side of that, the Challenging Adventure lets you use ‘PRO Codes,’ which will make the game even more difficult. Both of these modes also offer merits, which are challenges to achieve while using the Premium Menu options, and are used to get some new achievements specific to the DLC.

Those willing to spend an extra ten dollars for the DLC also receive a concert video package featuring footage of the nineteen tracks from the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra – World of Tres – concert held in Osaka, Japan last November. While these videos are pretty bare bones (the only options you have in a video are to pause, play previous, play next, and return to list) it’s a nice extra option, and the higher price tag seems very fair when looking at the pricing of Square Enix’s Blu-rays of their other concerts.

While I’ll never be able to say ‘no’ to more Kingdom Hearts content, I ultimately ended up walking away from Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind underwhelmed. Yes, the trailer for it showed us Final Fantasy characters along with other things we wanted with the original release but, for me, I felt it under-delivered, especially considering the $29.99 price tag.

Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind is available right now on PlayStation 4 for $29.99 with the Re Mind + Concert DLC going for $39.99. The DLC will be available on Xbox One on February 25.

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DLC code provided by Square Enix. Screenshots provided by Square Enix and taken by author.