Square Enix Announces Panel, Fan Gathering and more for FFXIV at PAX East

27 Jan 2020

We’ve already seen that Square Enix is planning a Final Fantasy XI Fan Gathering next month at PAX East. Today they also announced their plans for Final Fantasy XIV at the show which looks like it will have quite the presence!

Friday, February 28 at the Main Theater (and streamed on Twitch), there will be a panel “The Artwork of FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Look Behind the Screen.” with Naoki Yoshida and Lead Character Concept Artist Yusuke Mogi. Those that attend will receive a double sided poster as well as a ticket for a signing session on Sunday, March 1.

If that’s not enough, Square Enix will also be hosting a Final Fantasy XIV Fan Gathering on the evening of Friday, February 28, with more information to appear on the Lodestone soon.

On the show floor, there will be a backdrop to take photos (with special tickets given on Saturday to take photos with Yoshida-san and Mogi-san). The booth will also be handing out FFXIV lanyards and scarves throughout the show.

But wait… there’s more! Those attending PAX East will also be able to participate in a new Battle Challenge that pits players against the Ruby Weapon which will be introduced in the upcoming patch which is scheduled for mid-February. For new players, there will be a New Player Experience Area where attendees can tackle Ifrit in the Bowl of Embers in order to receive a free copy of the Final Fantasy XIV Online Starter Edition for PC.

Last, but certainly not least, PAX East will serve as a venue for early-sale on upcoming merchandise such as plushes, the new Shadowbringers acrylic stands, and job pins!

You can read up on all the details over on the Lodestone here.