The Moogle Treasure Trove Returns to Final Fantasy XIV

Are you getting bored with the grind of new content left over from Patch 5.1? Well have no fear! Square Enix has announced another round of the Moogle Treasure Trove to entice you into older content in order to earn a handful of rare items including the exclusive Namazu Neckerchief!

The event will run from January 20 until the launch of Patch 5.2 which is scheduled for mid-February.

This time around, the event will reward players with Irregular Tomestones of Soldiery for completing The Praetorium, Dun Scaith, Castrum Meridianum, The Weeping City of Mhach, The Aurum Vale, Hidden Gorge, The Void Ark, The Sunken Temple of Qarn, Cutter’s Cry, The Stone Vigil, and Dzemael Darkhold.

You can find all of the details about the event on the special site here.