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Letter From the Producer LIVE LVI Summary

14 Dec 2019

Square Enix just held the 56th Live Letter during their 14-hour broadcast! Let’s dive into all of the information that was presented!

The presentation began with the announcement that Final Fantasy XIV has reached 18 million registered accounts worldwide!

Patch 5.18

The next patch for the game is scheduled for December 24.

Patch 5.2

Patch 5.2 will be titled “Echoes of a Fallen Star and is scheduled for mid-February 2020.

  • New Main Scenario Quests
  • New Instanced Dungeon
    • Anamnesis Anyder
      • Trust system compatible
    • Moving forward, one dungeon will be added with every patch
  • New Tribe Quests
    • Qitari
      • Focus on gathering
  • New Chronicles of a New Era Quests
    • The Sorrow of Werlyt
  • New Trials
    • The Ruby Weapon (Tentative)
    • The Ruby Weapon (Extreme) (Tentative)
    • SECRET
  • New Raid
    • Eden’s Verse
    • Eden’s Verse (Savage)
  • New Quest Series for Upgradeable Equipment
    A new adventure begins!
    • SECRET
      • A story focused around Bozja Citadel, home of the Hrothgar
      • The story will continue in future updates past 5.2
  • Job Adjustments
  • PvP Updates
    • PvP actions will be adjusted

Ishgardian Restoration Update

  • Changes to Diadem
    • Redesigned as content exclusively for gatherers
    • After reaching level 10 with any Disciple of the Land, players can enter from the Firmament, and ceruleum tanks will no longer be required
    • Gather items to be used in the restoration of Ishgard
    • Earn skybuilders’ scrips
    • Gather while moving from island to island
    • No need to fear being attacked by enemies
    • In addition to gathering non-collectible items for reconstruction, the area is also useful for gaining experience at nearly any level.
    • As you continue gathering in the Diadem, you will charge a gauge that allows the use of an aetheromatic augur
    • Use the aetheromatic augur on creatures in the wild to obtain additional items
  • Expert Recipes
    • New collectible items will be added
    • Expert recipes can be used to earn greater rewards
    • Expert recipes will trigger statuses other than “poor”, “good”, and “excellent” Utilizing these new statuses will be key to increasing item quality
  • Kupo of Fortune
    • Receive scratch-off tickets after contributing a certain number of items
    • Tickets can then be used to redeem various rewards
  • Ranking System
    • A new system to commend those who contributed greatly to the reconstruction effort
    • Separate rankings for each crafting and gathering class
    • Earn points for each class when contributing specified items
    • Class rankings will be tabulated during a 10-day period after the update is released
    • Results for each world will be announced on the Lodestone
    • Special titles rewarded to top ranked crafters and gatherers
    • Other achievements and rewards will be granted based on player contributions
  • Crafting and Gathering Updates
    • Crafting System Updates
    • Actions will be adjusted
    • New feature to estimate the effects of your next action
    • Easier to desynthesize stacked items
    • Party requirement for company crafting will be removed
  • Fishing Updates
    • Required level for the following fisher actions will be lowered
    • Patience, Precision Hookset, Powerful Hookset
    • Fish tugging animations will be made easier to distinguish
    • An all-purpose lure will be added
  • Skysteel Tools
    • Primary tools that can be upgraded over the course of multiple patches
    • Begins with a quest in the Firmament
    • Craft or gather specified items to enhance these tools
  • Materia System Changes
    • Equipment will no longer be lost when creating materia
    • Crafter class requirements for affixing materia will be removed
    • Any crafter can affix materia provided they meet the level requirement
  • Ocean Fishing
    • Fisher-exclusive content
    • Board a ship at specified times to enjoy fishing on the high seas
    • Meeting certain conditions while aboard will grant all passengers the chance of a big haul
  • Miscellaneous Updates
    • A new Allagan tomestone will be added
    • Additional New Game+ chapters
    • Rank increase for free companies
    • New courses in Leap of Faith
    • Fellowships can now be viewed in the companion app
    • Umbrellas will be added

New Merchandise

At the end of the Live Letter, we got to see upcoming Final Fantasy XIV merchandise. The Art of Reflection – Histories Forsaken – artbook for Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers will launch in Japan on March 31, with NA/EU seeing a release in May. Additionally in Japan, you can buy a set of Doman Mahjong Tiles, as well as the Mahjong Table Mat. These will be available on March 23 in Japan only.

Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest 2020-21

It’s that time again!… to say that Fan Fest will be happening in 2020-21! Additional details will come in the future.