Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind DLC Arrives Next Month

Today, Square Enix unveiled the brand new trailer for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind DLC.

The upcoming DLC, which releases on January 23, 2020 for PlayStation 4 and February 25, 2020 for Xbox One, will include a new playable episode where players can once again take control of Sora as he makes his way back to his friends.

The trailer serves as an incredible checklist to things players have been wanting to see since the original release of Kingdom Hearts III back in January. One of the things I had personally criticized the game for in our review — the lack of Final Fantasy series characters — is the first of may boxes to be checked off in the trailer.

A free update for the game is set to be released in Januaray which will include a main story update, the addition of “Oathkeeper” and “Oblivion” Keyblades, as well as new abilities and a new form for Sora. Sharing features will also be expanded.

The DLC will cost $29.99 at release. However, if you’d like even more extras, you can pick up the Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind + Concert Video package for $39.99 which will include footage from the Kingdom Hearts – World of Tres – Orchestra concert that was record in Osaka, Japan last month.