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FFXIV's Firmament Closed to World Visitors

14 Nov 2019

Ever since its implementation with Patch 5.11 earlier this week, Final Fantasy XIV’s Ishgard Restoration has proven to be a very popular piece of content.

In fact, it might be a bit too popular, with players moving from world to world with the world visit system in order to participate. Over the last couple of days, it has been difficult to enter the Firmament, the site of Ishgard’s Restoration, because the area is reaching maximum capacity long before the Concerted Works events even take place. These events allow players an easy method to contribute to the restoration in what’s essentially a FATE that has crafters simply click on a few points of interest a few times. The rewards are definitely a motivating factor, with the rewards including up to 500 Skybuilder’s Scrips, as well as a full level’s worth of EXP.

In order to help combat this, Final Fantasy XIV Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida talked about this topic at length yesterday, and then today it was announced that those visiting from another world would not be able to enter the Firmament area in order to help alleviate the congestion and allow players to more easily take part in the event when it occurs on their home world.