Yes, Final Fantasy XI Mobile is Still Happening

7 Nov 2019

Today, Nexon released their Q3 2019 report which revealed (on page 19) that yes, Final Fantasy XI‘s mobile version, now going by Final Fantasy XI R, is still in the company’s pipeline.

This is the latest piece of “information” for a game that was announced back in 2015, with a proposed release of 2016. Unfortunately, we’ve gotten only the smallest bits of information regarding the title over the last four years. Whether it be these reports from Nexon that let us know the game is still actually being worked on, images quietly listed on their recruitment page, or an answer from Final Fantasy XIV’s Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida when being asked about an update on the title.

Maybe… just maybe by this time next year, we’ll have been able to post actual news instead of simply another post saying “Yes, it’s still happening.”