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Ubisoft Releases Details for Upcoming Divison 2 "Episode 2"

9 Oct 2019

Exciting news for fans of Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, today Ubisoft announced release dates and details for “Episode 2 – Pentagon: The Last Castle”. If you are a Year 1 pass holder you will be able to get your hands on Episode 2 on October 15th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC, with all players able to drop in October 22nd.

Episode 2 brings two new main missions where players will investigate a transmission sent by a fellow Agent scouting the Pentagon, leading them through flood damaged environments and Black Tusk forces in an effort to take back The Last Castle. We will also be introduced to the new Technician specialization which comes with a P-017 Launcher – a multi-missile launcher, the Maxim 9 sidearm, the Artificer Hive skill variant, and the EMP Grenade modification. The Technician specialization will be immediately available for all Year 1 pass holders on October 15th, and can be unlocked by all players by completing a series of objectives.

Year 1 pass holders will also have exclusive access to two classified assignments at a Boathouse and Embassy. Ubisoft is calling this their biggest title update to date so get ready because we’re not done yet.

The Last Castle also struts out a new PvP mode called Team Elimination, where two teams of four will duke it out in a best-of-seven rounds brawl. And just in case you still don’t think that’s enough, Ubisoft is throwing a new PvP map at you called The “Wharf”, an abandoned fishing harbor with flanking routes and raised positions.

As the cherry on top, a smorgasbord of community-requested and -recommended fixes and improvements to The Division 2 will go live October 15th, including crafting changes, Dark Zone supply drop changes, and stored tutorials.

Finally, for those of you who haven’t answered your Agent beacon, Ubisoft will be hosting a Free Weekend later this month, in addition to a nice sale to get in on the action at a discounted price.

Featured image courtesy of Ubisoft.