Final Fantasy XIV’s Mentor System Being Adjusted for Patch 5.1

A news update on the Lodestone has revealed that Final Fantasy XIV’s Mentor system will be under going some changes with this month’s 5.1 patch.

Those who wish to be a mentor for those looking to better themselves in battle will soon have the option of designating themselves as a “Battle Mentor” or a “PvP Mentor.” Additionally, those that are well versed in gathering and crafting will have the option to change their status to “Trade Mentor.”

One of the biggest changes for those interested in becoming a Battle Mentor will be the number of player commendations you’ll need. Prior to Patch 5.1, players would need 300 commendations in order to qualify. However, after the patch drops, those interested in receiving Battle Mentor status will need to earn a whopping 1,500 player accommodations.

For those that already have Mentor status, you’ll need to renew your certification and yes, you’ll need to meet these new requirements in order to do so. Players that fail to, or are unable to renew their certification, will still be able to chat in the Novice Network channel.

You can see the full news post here.