Final Fantasy XIV Adding More Housing Wards with Patch 5.1

via @SOKENsquareenix

Today, Square Enix announced that they’ll be adding more housing wards to Final Fantasy XIV with Patch 5.1 coming later this month.

Since the addition of the game’s housing system, players have constantly vocalized the demand for additional plots due to lack of availability (especially on higher populated servers). Patch 5.1 will see the addition of wards 19 through 21, giving 180 new plots of land for each world. These plots will be limited to Free Companies for a limited time, and of course, players and FC’s will still be able to relocate any estates they presently own.

In addition to these plots, players are expecting Ishgard housing to open up sometime during the 5.x patch series after the Ishgard Reconstruction is completed by players on each world, meaning that an additional, now 21 wards, could be added.

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