FFXIV Shadowbringers Guide: The Crown of the Immaculate (Extreme)

29 Aug 2019

The Crown of the Immaculate (Extreme), also commonly referred to as Innocence EX, is one of the two initial Extreme Primal fights added in patch 5.0. It’s available at level 80 after finishing the sidequest Minstrel from Another Mother and telling the Minstreling Wanderer about Innocence. Rewards for completing this trial are ilvl 450 accessories, crafting materials, and the Innocent Gwiber Mount.

As an Extreme trial, expect a leap in difficulty from the dungeons and trials that brought you here. Please be patient with your fellow players, help teach them where possible, and do your best to be as well-informed as possible and appropriately geared, ideally with no pieces significantly below the required ilvl of 430.

While each mechanic will have explanations, they will also have timestamps to a linked video for any that prefer a visual aide.

Phase 1

  • Shadowreaver – Unavoidable AoE. Used shortly into the fight, heal as necessary. (00:13)
  • Winged Reprobation (1) – Winged reprobation will summon several Wingblades that do one of three attacks. For the first one two non-tank players will be targeted with tethers. After a brief moment swords will begin approaching them, before splitting off to the left, right, and forward from where the player was standing when the attack began. To dodge this, move the tethers to the far side of the arena without going through the middle and clipping the party, and move diagonally out once the attack begins. (00:26)
  • Righteous Bolt – Heavy tankbuster. This will inflict Lightning Resistance Down II as well, so a tank swap is required. (00:43)
  • Winged Reprobation (1) + Rightful Reprobation – Winged Reprobation should be handled the same as before, but he will also fire off Rightful Reprobation: This will fire multiple line AoEs at one corner of the room, where they will remain before firing back the way they came to create a bowtie shape across the arena. Unfortunately this happens right when the marked players are trying to dodge Winged Reprobation. The marked players should keep in mind where Rightful Reprobation should hit, but as demonstrated you can survive getting hit by one of the two mechanics if you are decently geared. (00:55)
  • Winged Reprobation (2) + Drop of Light – This variant of Winged Reprobation will create three curved lines around the arena. They’ll slowly rotate in the direction they’re curving towards, position yourself according to avoid getting hit. At the same time, Drop of Light will target two players, so long as you avoid clipping anyone with both drops everyone should be fine. (01:20)
  • Righteous Bolt – Second tankbuster(01:45)
  • Winged Reprobation (3) + Rightful Reprobation + Light Pillar – This final version of Winged Reprobation will spawn a sword on the edge of the arena that fires off three line AoEs every few seconds. At the same time he will also use a variant of Rightful Reprobation that fires off in all 8 directions instead. Both of these easily dodged, but it can be useful to keep note of where Rightful Reprobation attacked: The swords on opposite ends will go along the same line, hitting anyone in them twice. Once the reprobations finish he will target a random player with Light Pillar, a line stack mechanic. Simply group up to survive it.(01:42)
  • Shadowreaver – Strong AoE damage, healers should top the party up immediately after Light Pillar to survive this. (02:20)
  • Winged Reprobation (2) + (1) – This time only two curved lines with gaps in the middle will appear, but two players will be marked for the first Winged Reprobation at the same time. Position the tethers as best you can: If your side is angled towards the back side of a curve you can likely dodge it as usual. If you’re on the front side of a curve however, you’ll need to position it more around three-quarters of the way across instead of all the way, reducing the time before the swords reach you. (02:55)
  • Adds – Transition into phase 2 (03:03)

Phase 2

  • Adds – The two Forgotten Venery will need to be tanked seperately from each other (They will tether and gain reduced vulnerability when close). The rest of the party should burn down the Forgotten Shame as soon as possible, before focusing on first one Venery, then the other. (00:00)
  • Scold’s Bridle – Heavy roomwide AoE. You’ll want to kill it before it can do a second one.(00:05)
  • Vauthry’s Blessing – This will buff all adds, increasing their damage dealt. This is done periodically throughout the fight, making healing the tanks harder as the fight goes on and making surviving a second Scold’s Bridle unfeasible. (00:18)
  • Holy Sword – Moderate tankbuster used throughout the fight.
  • Flaming Sword – Deals raidwide damage based on the Immaculate Authority gauge. At 100 it’s an instant wipe.

Phase 3

  • Starbirth + Shadowreaver – Three stars will appear around the edge of the arena. This will explode when hit by any of Innocence’s AoEs, including Shadowreaver. Simply move into the single empty corner to survive. (00:03)
  • Winged Reprobation: (2) – Same as the first time, except with gaps within each line. While you can stand in a gap to be safe, the safe spot is deceptively small so it may be best not to trust it. (00:27)
  • Rightful Reprobation + Beatific Vision – Innocence will leap to the middle and use Rightful Reprobation in 8 directions. Before they go off a second time he will leap to the side of the arena and do Beatific Vision, where he dashes across and deals more damage the closer you are to his line. Simply line up on the sides away from his charge while also keeping in mind the position of the swords from Rightful Reprobation so they don’t hit you immediately after. (00:45)
  • Righteous Bolt – Third Tankbuster (01:10)
  • Starbirth + Drop of Light – I’ve seen the most wipes to this one mechanic by far. Two Starbirth stars will appear on opposite corners. At the same time, two DPS will be targeted for Drop of Light. If any of the stars blow up they will deal massive damage to anything remotely close to them, likely causing a few ways. To survive, prepare by having all the DPS in a loose stack near the middle. Once the markers appear, the two DPS should head to whichever safe spot they are closer to than their partner. Should they both go to the same side they CAN share a safespot with precise positioning, but if it comes down to either hitting each other or a star, they should hit each other. Under no circumstances should they double back, there is not enough time and if it goes off while they are in the middle it WILL pop both stars. Once the first pair of DPS do this, the other two DPS will be targeted for their turn. (01:23)
  • Light Pillar – Line stack, aim it away from the stars. (01:40)
  • Beatific Vision – Just like the first Beatific Vision, except that it will pop the two stars still on the field. Gather on the side away from the charge as far away from the star as you can. (01:47)
  • Rightful Reprobation and God Ray – The bowtie pattern for Rightful Reprobation returns. alongside God Ray. A small series of conal AoEs with narrow safe spots will appear under Innocence, before expanding out to their full size. For the first God Ray, it will go off at the same time as Rightful Reprobation’s second attack: If a safe spot for God Ray is in the same bowtie safe spot that you’re in, great. If not, you can try figure out where a safe spot will be near the edge, but it’s likely safe to just ensure you dodge God ray even if Rightful Reprobation hits you. There will be two more God Rays, but with no other attacks going off it’s a simple matter to just stay in melee range and maneuver into the safe spots. (02:08)
  • Shadowreaver – Roomwide AoE, any vuln stacks from God Ray will increase damage taken, but the physical vulnerability up from Rightful Reprobation will not. (02:30)
  • Rightous Bolt – Fourth Tankbuster. (02:42)
  • Rightful Reprobation and God Ray – Roomwide AoE, any vuln stacks from God Ray will increase damage taken, but the physical vulnerability up from Rightful Reprobation will not. (02:30)
  • Rightful Starbirth + Winged Reprobation (3) + Light Pillar + Shadow Reaver – Thankfully Winged Reprobation will not pop stars. The tank should drag Innocence out of the middle, either right next to a star or into the gap between two. Dodge the line AoEs from Winged Reprobation, and once they’re all done Innocence will cast Light Pillar: Stack in a line pointing towards one of the stars, either the opposite one if Innocence is next to one, or one of the two opposite ones if you’re in a gap. You’ll need to pop a star without getting hit by its Explosion, and then get into the safe spot created so the remaining explosions don’t kill you when he finishes off with Shadowreaver. (02:55)
  • Righteous Bolt – Fifth Tankbuster (03:42)
  • Winged Reprobation (3) + (1) – Mitigate this the same way you’ve done tethers every time so far, except this time there’s line AoEs to dodge. You have plenty of time to move the tethers, so don’t panic. (03:40)
  • Winged Reprobation (2) + Starbirth + Beatific Vision – Because two Winged Reprobations aren’t enough, he’ll perform the remaining one right afterwards. During this he’ll spawn three stars, and then leap to a side of the arena for Beatific vision. Despite everything going off at once, it’s easier than it looks: Stay near the middle and rotate around with your safe spot for Winged Reprobation, then run into the safe corner for when the stars pop and you’ll be safe from Beatific Vision naturally. (04:06)
  • Rightful Reprobation + Drop of light – Another bowtie pattern, and this time two DPS will be marked for Drop of Light. Try to drop them on opposite ends, don’t worry about accidentally hitting other people so long as nobody gets hit twice. The other two DPS will be marked afterwards, simply rinse and repeat.(04:43)
  • Winged Reprobation (1) + Righteous Bolt – A mechanic you’ve seen before and another tankbuster. This is a brief break from the mechanics except if the healers are targeted they may find it difficult to shield the tank while moving. (05:00)
  • Starbirth + Drop of Light + Light Pillar + Beatific Vision – Exactly the same as earlier in the fight. (05:20)
  • Rightful Reprobation + God Ray – More repeats (06:09)
  • Righteous Bolt – Final tankbuster
  • Starbirth + Beatific Vision – Enrage

Congratulations, you’ve completed The Crown of the Immaculate (Extreme)!