Marvel Games SDCC 2019 Panel Reveals new Marvel's Avengers Details

18 Jul 2019

Today at San Diego Comic Con, Marvel Games hosted their Hall-H Panel which showcased variety of games including the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers.

What was shown during the panel seems to be the same presentation we saw last month at E3, with a few extras included. While the panel was unfortunately not streamed, we do have information that came in courtesy of the official @PlayAvengers account, which we’ve summarized below.

This demo, which is being called the “A-Day demo” will be released online the week following Gamescom, which will take place from August 20-24 next month. The A-Day demo, is the beginning of the game and serves to give you a feel for how each of the heroes play. After finishing the Prologue, you’ll have access to a reclaimed Helicarrier as your base where you can then launch your missions from.

There was also a clarification that the missions in Marvel’s Avengers are story driven, with certain missions being designed around specific heroes. However, many can also be played with any hero you have available. Additionally, post-campaign, you can play missions with any hero.

Hall-H attendees also got the first look at some of the alternative outfits that will be available in the game. Some of these costumes will be based on classic designs, while others will be new designs created by the team at Crystal Dynamics. Iron Man’s Original Sin armor, and Hulk’s Joe Fixit suit were shown as two examples.

Last but not least, it was revealed that the Marvel’s Avengers Collector’s Edition will be coming with a 12″ hand-painted statue of Captain America. You can see an image of it below, posted by Marvel’s own Agent M on Twitter. If you’re attending SDCC, you can see the statue for yourself at the Gentle Giant booth.

Update: As more reports about the panel are being released, it has been reported that Kamala Khan, known in the comics as Ms. Marvel, was spotted in a new scene wearing a Captain Marvel shirt.
Fans are now speculating that the narrator in the trailer is none other than Kamala Khan and that the incident with the Terrigen on A-Day is what helps her become Ms. Marvel.