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FFXIV Shadowbringers Guide: Amaurot

15 Jul 2019

Amaurot is the last of the Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Main Scenario Quest dungeons on release. It’s available at level 80 after finishing the quest Shadowbringers. It can be completed via the duty finder.

For the sake of your fellow players, please remember that this is new content (at the time of this publication). Many factors may contribute to a player’s efficiency, or lack there of, in running this dungeon, including gear that might be lacking, or job structures that might be new or different. Never be afraid to take a dungeon at your own pace, but for the purposes of this guide, we’re going to be speaking terms of multiple group pulls.

Encounter 1

1 Terminus Stalker, 2 Terminus Persuers

Here, and at many encounters to follow, there will be random circular AoEs scattered over the battlefield.

  • Whack – A circular AoE centered on the Terminous Stalker.

After this pack is defeated, another spawns.

Encounter 2

1 Terminus Sprinter, 1 Terminus Detonator, 3 Terminus Criers

The Terminus Detonator will tether to a random player and follow them around as they move. It puts a stacking fire damage debuff on the player it’s tethered to, and will explode when it’s killed. If you wait too long to kill it, its explosion can kill the tethered player, so either kill it quickly, so be sure to stun it as it’s dying to keep it from exploding. The tethered player can also run out of range of the explosion.

  • Aetherspike – A wide, linear AoE from the Sprinter.

A building falls and completes the path to the next area.

Encounters 3 & 4

1 Terminus Sprinter, 2 Terminus Stalkers, 2 Terminus Persuers, 2 Terminus Criers, & 1 Terminus Roiler

Like the Detonator, the Terminus Roiler tethers to a player. It will continuously hit the tethered player with an attack that applies a healing magic down debuff. After all these mobs are dead, the gate ahead will open to the first boss encounter.

The First Beast

This fight involves a fair amount of dodging, as well as hiding behind fallen meteors.

  • Venomous Breath – A wide conal centered on the player with hate. It applies a poison debuff that can be removed via esuna.
  • Meteor Rain – All players but the tank will get a large, purple marker on them, indicating a meteor (Fallen Star) will be dropping on them. Spread these out toward 3 of the 4 corners of the room, then, when the indicator disappears, run toward the fourth, clear corner to avoid the proximity damage of the falling meteors. Make sure not to jam them all directly in the corners or you will have nothing to stand behind for mechanics to come.
  • Falling Sky – The 3 Fallen Stars land. Two players will also have a circular AoE marker placed on them and should avoiding standing directly in the safe corner until after they see the indicator appear.
  • The Final Sky – A large meteor lands at the boss. Use 1 of the 3 Fallen Stars placed during Meteor Rain to avoid this instant-death damage. The Fallen Stars will explode when hit with The Final Sky and do negligible damage.
  • All but a sliver of the arena to either the east or west will be covered with a huge AoE rectangle. There is no cast bar for this mechanic, and it will always originate on the side of the arena where the boss called down The Final Sky meteor.
  • Earthquake – A circular AoE centered on the boss.
  • Venomous Breath
  • Meteor Rain* – This time, along-side the previous mechanics, Meteor Rain will include two sets of AoE circles that travel around the arena in sequenced lines .
  • Falling Sky – This is also handled the same way, but the travelling AoE circle lines are still going.
  • The Burning Sky – All players will get a circular AoE that travels with them.
  • The Final Sky – This is the same, with the addition of the linearly moving circle AoEs.
  • Large, rectangular AoE.
  • Venomous Breath
  • Earthquake
  • *Likely repeats from Meteor Rain.

Encounters 5 & 6

2 Terminus Shadowers, 1 Terminus Flesher, 2 Terminus Howlers, 1 Terminus Shriver, & 1 Terminus Roiler

The individual mechanics from this pack are listed below, but the sum up here is: just dodge!

  • Turnabout – A circular AoE centered on the Howler.
  • Malevolence – A circular AoE from the Shadower.
  • Sickly Inferno – A circular AoE cast on a random player from the Shriver.
  • Sickly Flame – A cast, normal attack from the Shriver.

Encounters 7 & 8

5 Terminus Beholders, 1 Terminus Shadower, 1 Terminus Shriver, 1 Terminus Detonator, 1 Terminus Flesher

Once these groups are dealt with, you move on to the second boss.

Terminus Bellwether

  • Shrill Shriek – Arena-wide, unavoidable AoE.
  • After Shrill Shriek, the Terminus Bellwether leaves the arena and calls out several waves of mobs that seem to be on a timer. None of these mobs have any new mechanics:
    • 2 Terminus Detonators, 1 Terminus Flesher, 2 Terminus Criers, & 1 Terminus Sprinter
    • 1 Terminus Detonators, 1 Terminus Roiler, 2 Terminus Sprinters, 2 Terminus Shrivers, & 1 Terminus Beholder
    • 2 Terminus Fleshers, 2 Terminus Sprinters, 1 Terminus Shriver, 1 Terminus Crier, 1 Terminus Beholder, & 2 Terminus Pursuers
    • There are also random circular AoEs going off.
  • The Terminus Bellwether returns.
  • Burst – This is a DPS check. As the boss casts Burst, it grows and will explode whether or not you kill it before its cast goes off. The goal is to kill it before it grows so big that its explosion will kill you.

Encounters 9 & 10

2 Terminus Twitchers, 2 Terminus Reapers, 1 Terminus Lacerator, 2 Terminus Drainers, & 1 Terminus Vanquisher

During this pull, a creature outside the arena will be firing lasers across it.

  • The Black Death – A wide, conal AoE from the Lacerator.
  • Disquieting Gleam – A circular AoE from the Twitcher.
  • Force of Loathing – A wide, conal AoE from the Vanquisher.

Encounters 11 & 12

1 Terminus Reaper, 2 Terminus Slitherers, 1 Terminus Vanquisher, 2 Terminus Drainers, & 1 Terminus Idolizer

The lasers from outside continue here. The only new attack here is from the Idolizer:

  • Deadly Tentacles – Large, wide conal AoE.


  • Shadow Wreck – Arena-wide, unavoidable AoE.
  • Apokalypsis – The boss charges a giant laser that covers the entire battlefield except for small outcroppings on both sides. Move to those before the cast finishes.
  • Therion Charge – An AoE indicator appears at Therion’s feet and, after a cast, he jumps forward along the battlefield platform, doing proximity damage. The area behind becomes overtaken with fire, making your battlefield smaller. One or two of the small outcroppings on the sides may begin to glow pink and become cracked. The next time a Therion charge goes off, these outcrops will break.
  • Shadow Wreck
  • Deathly Ray (1) – Faces like those on Therion will appear on either side of the platform, staggered in position based on side. These give no indication of which side will go off first, so pick one and hope for the best. If you picked incorrectly, move quickly into the safe space, as the beam is constant and does ticks of damage, rather than just hitting once. Once the first beam has finished, quickly move into that space, as the opposite faces will now take their turn firing.
  • Shadow Wreck
  • Deathly Ray (2) –
    • Therion will fire one large laser from its face toward a random player. Spread out and attempt to bait the laser away from your party members. Just like the previous Deathly Ray, this one will do constant damage, so move out of it if you’re the unlucky player that Therion chooses.
    • Two players will be marked with AoE circles as the Deathly Ray ends.
    • A second, large laser will fire from its face.
  • Apokalypsis* – Remember not to stand on any glowing, pink outcrops.
  • Therion Charge
  • Shadow Wreck
  • Deathly Ray (1) – This will now have 2 AoEs centered on players between the shots of Deathly Ray.
  • Shadow Wreck
  • Deathly Ray (2)
  • Shadow Wreck
  • *Repeats from Apokalypsis, with Therion Charge removed from the rotation since you’ve run out of platform. You must defeat the boss before you run out of outcroppings or you will die to Apokalypsis.

Congratulations, you’ve completed Amaurot!

Stay tuned for the guides for the other two expert roulette dungeons: Akadaemia Anyder, and The Twinning.