FFXIV Shadowbringers Guide: Mt. Gulg

Mt. Gulg is the fifth dungeon introduced in the Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Main Scenario Quests. It’s available at level 79 after completing the quest Extinguishing the Last Light. It can be completed via the duty finder or with the new Trust System.

For the sake of your fellow players, please remember that this is new content (at the time of this publication). Many factors may contribute to a player’s efficiency, or lack there of, in running this dungeon, including gear that might be lacking, or job structures that might be new or different. Never be afraid to take a dungeon at your own pace, but for the purposes of this guide, we’re going to be speaking terms of multiple group pulls.

Encounters 1 & 2

1 Forgiven Ambition, 6 Forgiven Jealousy, & 1 Forgiven Hypocrisy

The only mechanics of note here belong to the Forgiven Ambition and Forgiven Hypocrisy:

  • Tail Smash – A cast conal, executed behind the mob with no ground indicator. Watch for raised tails by Ambitions.
  • Immolation – The Ambition turns to a random player and casts a circular AoE.
  • Heavenslash – A conal from the Hypocrisy.

Encounters 3, 4, & 5

3 Forgiven Ambition, 5 Forgiven Hypocrisy, & 2 Forgiven Jealousy

Once you reach the end of the accessible path, the final boss of the dungeon will make a brief cameo, firing a warning shot in the form of a linear AoE before flying off again. After the remaining mobs are defeated, you’ll get a helping hand in getting passed the rock barrier ahead.

Forgiven Cruelty

  • Lumen Infinitum – The boss flies up and turns on a random player, charging a laser. Simply avoid.
  • Typhoon Wing (1) – After moving to the center of the arena, the boss will return to the skies and cast his spell. Avoid standing in front of the 3 cones of spinning wind to stay out of the instant ground AoEs to come.
  • Cyclone Wing – Arena-wide, unavoidable AoE damage.
  • Typhoon Wing (1)
  • Lumen Infinitum*
  • Typhoon Wing (2) – This functions just like the first iteration of this spell, but with a few additions. In each of the 3 sections of safe space, there will be small ball of wind that will generate a circular AoE along-side the instant cones that go off. The boss will now also generate an AoE circle around itself in the center of the storm. From here on out, you’ll be avoiding the 3 cones in the middle, the boss’ circle in the center and the ball of wind in your safe section in combination. Getting hit by any of these applies a vuln’ stack.
  • Cyclone Wing
  • Rake – Tank buster.
  • *Repeats from Lumen Infinitum until defeat.

Encounters 6 & 7

1 Forgiven Extortion, 3 Forgiven Conformity, & 1 Forgiven Apathy

Depending on how comfortable your group is with dodging large swaths of conal AoEs while fighting, you may want to split these encounters up. It shouldn’t be too difficult for most groups though, since the only non-basic attacks belong to the Forgiven Apathy:

  • To start, as long as you’re in range of it, the Apathy will pull you in.
  • Earth Shaker – The Apathy will project 2 large, conal AoEs from its center in random directions.

Even if you defeat the Apathy, its wall won’t crumb until all mobs are dead.

Encounters 8, 9 & 10

2 Forgiven Prejudice, 2 Forgiven Conformity, 1 Forgiven Extortion, & 1 Forgiven Apathy

Again, you may wish to split these packs up to avoid dealing with surplus enemies while dodging the Apathy wall. New mechanics from the Forgiven Prejudice include:

  • Punitive Light – A cast, AoE spell. Stunnable.
  • Sanctification – A conal AoE.

From here on out, be prepared to squint, as everything is made of bright, white, light marble.

Forgiven Whimsy

Do you like puzzles? Whimsy does.

  • Sacrament of Penance – An arena-wide, unavoidable AoE.
  • Forgiven Whimsy will shuffle its cubes into a fresh pattern.
  • Exegesis – The face-cubes on the boss will begin to glow. Each one of them corresponds to a tile on the ground. Avoid the tiles that match with the glowing faces.
  • Cube shuffle.
  • Exegesis
  • Catechism – Tank buster.
  • Judgement Day – Two circular AoEs appear one after the other. These require a player to be standing in them when their falling ball hits the ground.
  • Catechism – Because this happens immediately before and after Judgement Day, it may be best in some situations to have non-tanks deal with the Judgement Day AoEs.
  • Cube shuffle.
  • Whimsy flashes briefly and 2 balls of light appear on the battlefield.
  • Exegesis – This mechanic is the same as it was previously, but has to be done in conjunction with the balls o f light on the field. As Exegesis begins casting, the balls project donut AoEs around themselves. You must avoid the donuts while standing on a safe tile.
  • Cube shuffle.
  • Two balls of light.
  • Exegesis – Balls still in play.
  • Sacrament of Penance*
  • Cube shuffle.
  • Two or four balls of light.
  • Exegesis – Balls still in play.
  • Cube shuffle.
  • Two or four balls of light.
  • *Repeats from Sacrament of Penance.

Encounter 11

4 Forgiven Venery

  • Sanctified Aero – Large, linear AoE.

Encounters 11, 12, and 13 can be pulled in combination, but the space between them is long and some of the mobs hit a bit hard.

Encounter 12

2 Forgiven Venery, 2 Forgiven Extortion, 1 Forgiven Prejudice

Encounter 13

2 Forgiven Venery, 1 Forgiven Extortion, 2 Forgiven Prejudice

After this last pack is defeated, another challenge appears suddenly.

Encounter 14

1 Forgiven Revelry

Just when it looks like you’ll be able to proceed, a large creature appears, blocking your path. It will slap one side of the arena, then the other in slow sequence. While dodging side-to-side, keep on eye on the 4 light balls that have appeared in the 4 corners of the platform. They will shoot linear AoEs across the platform, 2 at a time, until the Revelry’s defeat. Killing this mini-boss creates a rubble bridge for you to proceed over to the last boss.

Forgiven Obscenity

This fight is a suped-up return to preschool color and shape theory.

  • Orison Fortissimo – Arena-wide, unavoidable AoE.
  • Divine Diminuendo – A circular AoE centered on the boss.
  • The boss is given a “blessing” which boosts her Divine Diminuendo. This can be observed from the double halo she’s now sporting.
  • Divine Diminuendo – From now on, this attack includes extra rings of AoE damage radiating out from the center circle. To handle this, stick to the edge of the center AoE circle. Getting hit by this applies vuln’ stacks.
  • Conviction Marcato – The boss will project a linear AoE at a random player from the diamond shape behind her. Each of the circles around her will also shoot out a beam, without a ground indicator.
  • Penance Pianissimo – The boss limits the safety of the arena floor to a central circle. Touching the crystalline floor causes a temporary bleed.
  • Feather Marionette – Four copies of the boss and the boss herself will arrange themselves around the arena, 4 at off-cardinals and 1 in the center. The real boss will always be the last of the 5 mobs to come down. If you miss the placements, you can locate her via her glow and double halos.
    • Divine Diminuendo – Each of the 5 mobs has a circle AoE centered on it, but the boss will have the boosted AoE with extra rings when they all go off. Stand on the edge of her circular AoE to avoid her extra damage.
    • Conviction Marcato – All 5 mobs will jump and return, the copies at cardinal directions and the boss in the center. Dodging the 4 on the edge only requires you to stay out of their linear AoEs, but the boss is casting this spell the same way she did the first time: only 1 of her 5 directional lasers has an indicator. The easiest way to avoid her 5 linear AoEs is to find the diamond shape that marks her back and stand behind it relative to her. You can also stand directly to either of her sides, or in any of the 4 slivers of half-circle around the edge of the arena as long as you’re jammed into a corner of it.
  • Feather Marionette ends.
  • Orison Fortissimo
  • Solitaire Ring* – Each of the 6 north to south lanes of the floor will get a corresponding upright ring of light placed in it. Behind them, balls of light will begin moving forward. As each ball hits its lane’s ring, a laser will shoot down the lane. Find the most southern ring and stand in that lane. When the laser in the lane to the left or right of you fires, step into the now clear lane. Getting hit by the laser or a ball of light will give a vuln’ stack.
  • Sacrament Sforzando – Tank buster.
  • Orison Fortissimo
  • Divine Diminuendo
  • Penance Pianissimo
  • Feather Marionette
    • Divine Diminuendo
    • Conviction Marcato
  • Sacrament Sforzando
  • *Repeats from Solitaire Ring.

Congratulations, you’ve completed Mt. Gulg!

SPOILER WARNING: The name of the final dungeon is a spoiler, so click the following at your own risk!

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