FFXIV Shadowbringers Guide: Qitana Ravel

The Qitana Ravel is the third dungeon introduced in the Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Main Scenario Quests. It’s available at level 75 after completing the quest The Burden of Knowledge. It can be completed via the duty finder or with the new Trust System.

For the sake of your fellow players, please remember that this is new content (at the time of this publication). Many factors may contribute to a player’s efficiency, or lack there of, in running this dungeon, including gear that might be lacking, or job structures that might be new or different. Never be afraid to take a dungeon at your own pace, but for the purposes of this guide, we’re going to be speaking terms of multiple group pulls.

Encounter 1

1 Ronkan Dreamer

We first come upon a new mob waiting patiently in what might otherwise have been an unassuming room with a couple of well-placed bits of broken wall. Its signature move is:

  • Wrath of the Ronkan – The Dreamer calls to the owl statues lining either side of the room and one full side tethers to it. After a short charge, the owls shoot lasers, conveniently sized the same width as the patterns on the floor. To avoid these, you stand behind the previously mentioned broken walls.

The Ronkan Dreamer will also use:

  • Ronkan Abyss – A static, circular AoE initially centered on a player.
  • Ronkan Fire – A tank buster.

Encounters 2, 3, 4, & 5

3 Ronkan Idol, 3 Ronkan Vessels, 2 Ronkan Thorns

Watch out for that last wandering Thorn, don’t let it catch you off-guard if you happen to stop your pull while it’s on the last leg of its loop. Attacks of note in this group are as follows:

  • Burning Beam – A linear AoE from the Ronkan Thorns aimed at a random player.

Encounter 6

1 Ronkan Dreamer

This encounter goes very much like the first one, but this time the beams from the owls can come from either side at the same time. Don’t get overwhelmed by the perception of having to deal with multiple beams. Pick a wall as your buddy and switch sides on it as needed, based on the beams on that single row.


Make note of the statues on either side of the door beyond this boss.

  • Stonefist – Tank buster.
  • Sun Toss – Circular AoE centered on a random player.
  • Lozatl’s Scorn – Either of the two statues mentioned earlier will begin to glow and will eventually cover that half of the room in a laser shot.
  • Sun Toss
  • Heat Up – One half of Lozatl’s body will begin to glow and smoke.
  • Lozatl’s Fury – The boss will turn in whichever direction it likes before starting this cast, so be prepared to move quickly to its non-glowing side. After the cast, Lozatl will slam its fist into the ground, damaging half the arena based on which side of it is glowing. The attack will both damage you and give you the debuff Down for the Count.
  • Stonefist*
  • Heat Up
  • Lozatl’s Scorn – The statues will begin to glow again. Make note of which side to avoid, then observe the boss to get ready for:
  • Lozatl’s Fury – Keeping the safe area left by the door statues in mind, adjust to the boss’ non-glowing side. Remember Lozatl will turn on its own, so even if you’re clear of Scorn, Fury may catch you if you don’t adjust when he turns.
  • Sun Toss (x2)
  • *The pattern repeats from Stonefist until death.

Encounters 7 & 8

6 Acro Bats, 1 Horned Iguana, 2 Anacondas

Very straight forward.

  • Hooded Swing – A wide conal from the Anacondas.
  • Slip of the Tongue – An uncast tank buster from the Horned Iquana.

Encounters 9, 10, & 11

1 Anaconda, 2 Razana, 6 Acro Bats, 2 Horned Iguana

The Razana (Crocodile) mobs hit a little hard, so you may wish to break this pull up into encounter 9 (1 Anaconda, 2 Razana), and 10 & 11 (6 Acro Bats, 2 Horned Iguana).


This encounter involves a fair amount of dodging and AoE healing, as well as a hilariously named boss.

  • Ripper Fang – Tank buster.
  • Soundwave (1) – Arena-wide, unavoidable AoE damage.
  • Subsonics (1) – Batsquatch begins slamming into the ground 12 times. Throughout the fit, a few AoEs of varying sizes show up, indicating stalactites that will be falling. This time, 2 especially large ones will fall and stick in the ground. Get ready to avoid them when they fall over from:
  • Soundwave (2) – Along with the AoE damage, and the pillar-stalactites falling over, players will have to avoid a few more smalls stalactites falling from the ceiling.
  • Ripper Fang*
  • Subsonics (2) – Three stalactite pillars remain.
  • Soundwave (2)
  • Ripper Fang
  • Subsonics (1)
  • Soundwave (2)
  • *The fight repeats from the indicated Ripper Fang until defeat.

Encounters 12, 13, & 14

1 Forgiven Violence, 2 Forgiven Flattery, 1 Echo of Qitana, & 3 Forgiven Thievery

This pack can hit a little hard and you may wish to split it up. The following are the attacks of note:

  • Sinspitter – A small AoE circle initially centered on the player with hate from the Forgiven Violence.
  • Self-destruct – An old favorite from the Echo of Qitana.

After these enemies are put down, more engage your party, busting through the wall ahead.

Encounters 15, 16, & 17

2 Forgiven Violence, 1 Echo of Qitana, & 2 Forgiven Thievery

More Forgiven Violence mobs are slinging their Sinspitter attacks at random players from the surrounding branches. Once the current pull has been defeated, these outside threat will enter the ring.

Encounter 19

3 Forgiven Violence

The wall blocking your path falls aside and you at last enter the Lightwarden’s arena.


This creature should look at least a little familiar, sharing both the frame and a few moves of the mob Cerberus.

  • Rend – Tank buster.
  • Hound out of Heaven – A player will be tethered to the boss. At close range, the tether will appear as arrows pointing away from the center of the line to indicate that the player should get far away or suffer proximity based damage from the charge toward them the boss is about to do, as well as a vuln’ stack. Once the player has moved to a safe distance, the tether becomes purple, loose and wavy looking. Players standing along this charge, but not tethered, will not take any damage.
  • Glossololia – Arena-wide, unavoidable AoE damage.
  • Viper Poison (1) – Eros will drop 5 puddles of poison on the ground in 1 of several patterns.
    • It’s possible that the first pattern is always a center cluster.
  • Inhale – As the name suggests, this is a draw in toward the boss. Avoid being drawn through the poison puddles.
  • Heaving Breath – Eros breathes out again, pushing the players across the room. The push is straight across, as the floor markers indicate, rather than in relation to the boss’ position. Again avoid the poison puddles. Knock-back negating abilities will work here.
  • Rend
  • Confession of Faith (1) – Eros will jump to one end of the room or the other (north or south) and begin charging an attack. Two players will be marked with circular AoEs that travel with them, and all players should move to the sides of the arena (east and west) toward the boss to avoid a cone of fire the center head will unleash. Getting hit with the fire breath gives a vuln’ stack.
    • This attack may be interchangeable with Confession of Faith (2), unconfirmed.
  • Hound out of Heaven
  • Viper Poison (2) – Eros will drop 5 puddle as before, but in conjunction, a player will also be marked to drop a poison puddle. The sixth player puddle should be dropped within the pattern of the other puddles to make certain a path will be clear to slide through during the knock-back to come.
  • Inhale
  • Heaving Breath
  • Rend
  • Hound out of Heaven
  • Confession of Faith (2) – One player is marked with a stack marker. All players should meet in the center of the arena (but within range of the boss for melee DPS to continue) to absorb the damage from the stack and avoid the lightning attacks Eros’ heads on either side have been charging. Getting hit with the lightning breath gives a vuln’ stack.
  • Glossololia (x2)
  • Hound out of Heaven
  • Rend
  • Viper Poison (2)
  • Inhale
  • Heaving Breath
  • Rend
  • *No definite pattern found.

Congratulations, you’ve completed The Qitana Ravel!

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