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E3 2019 Interview with Final Fantasy Brave Exvius' Kei Hirono and Hiroki Fujimoto

29 Jun 2019

With more than 39 million downloads of since its release 3 years ago, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is not a title to loose track of or forget about. We’ve covered various news about this title since it launched, and at E3 this year we got a chance to ask a few questions to producers Kei Hirono and Hiroki Fujimoto to discuss both the original game and also the upcoming new entry to the franchise – War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.

Before we got going on a short Q&A, the producers showed off the newly added Katy Perry unit and her brand new costume and new track, Immortal Flame, which she wrote for the game and only currently available in the game). They also announced that they will be holding a live stream (scheduled for tonight, June 29 at 8pm EDT) where more information will be announced.

War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, is a brand new game set for release later in 2019. The story is brand new but it takes place in the same universe as FFBE, and while the style is similar to FFBE, according to Hirono-san, War of the Visions is heavily inspired by Final Fantasy Tactics. Unlike some of the lighter storylines of FFBE, this new title is darker and heavier, looking more at the balance in life and death.

The story is set in Ardora. There are various countries with different forms of justice fighting for power. The war between these countries is the “War of the Visions”. The countries each have their own characteristics reflective of their environment. The gameplay is anticipated to be a traditional tactical RPG style with branching character growth trees with both main and sub-jobs.

Gamer Escape: Are you planning on a simultaneous world-wide release?

Hirono-san/Fujimoto-san: Originally we were aiming for that, but there are good and bad aspects to that. Learning from our experience with FFBE, we decided to release the Japanese version first. We don’t want to create a massive gap between releases, and the global version is in development so we anticipate it will be released no too far after the Japanese version. Right now in FFBE there is about a 6-8 month lag between versions, but we hope to shorten that for War of the Visions.

Gamer Escape: You have held a number of popular FFBE fan festivals, any plan for a combined fan festival for both titles?

Hirono-san/Fujimoto-san: Considering War of the Visions hasn’t released yet it is hard to say, but considering they share the same universe so hopefully that would be possible.

Gamer Escape: Is there any information on how War of the Visions will be priced?

Hirono-san/Fujimoto-san: As a mobile game it will most likely be a free-to-play model with paid summons. That pricing is still being determined.