Images of all FFXIV Armor now live on the GE Wiki

4 Jun 2019

We are pleased to announce that, due to the absolutely herculean efforts of community member IcarusTwine, our Final Fantasy XIV wiki now features images of all in-game armor shown on all applicable combinations of races and genders.

Want to see what an Ala Mhigan Gown looks like on a Male Au Ra (did you know that when worn on a female the colors are different)? How about a Uraeus Skirt on a female Lalafell (which looks a little less like a “mini-skirt” than when worn by an Elezen)? All accessories and weapons are shown on a default Hyur character (since those models do not change based on race or gender). And no, you cannot see what a Male Roegadyn would look like in a Southern Seas Tanga – gender specific gear is limited to only that gender who can wear it. Seeing the armor is as simple as navigating to the page and clicking on the tabs above the gear image. (First pro-tip: you can click on the image to increase its size.)

How about if you want to see what a full armor set looks like on a particular race and gender combination? We’ve got that covered too. Head over to our armor sets (or glamour sets) pages where more than 1200 sets have been put together, and where you can tab through their looks on any race/gender combination. (Second pro-tip, after clicking to enlarging the image size, you can use right/left arrows to scroll through the sets.)

With this addition, we’ve loaded more than 100,000 new images onto the wiki… so now you can best plan for the real endgame.  

But IcarusTwine is not done with this over year long project. Come 5.0, we anticipate being able to add images of not only of all of the new gear, but images of all gear (new and old) as they look on Viera and Hrothgar.

We’d like to extend a huge thank you to IcarusTwine for their efforts on the wiki.

Have something else you want to see added to the wiki? Drop us a line in the comments here or hop into our discord channel and let us know. We are always looking for projects big and small.

And speaking of Discord channels, if you are on any channels that use Kupo Bot, try typing something like !advancedglam Female Lalafell Abyss Cuirass to have Kupo Bot show you the image. (That’s pro-tip number three for those keeping track.)

EDIT/UPDATE (3:30 pm EDT): We recognized a minor back-end issue and need to rename/move all Hyur images (male and female). This should be all resolved in the next 24 hours or so. During this time, certain Hyur images may not show up. Other races should not be impacted.

EDIT/UPDATE: This is complete.