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Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Hands-On with White Mage

29 May 2019

A couple of weeks ago we had the chance to sit down with an early build of Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers at the media tour. During our time with the upcoming expansion, we had a chance to check out all of the Job changes.

You can find our master post about the media tour, and a list of links to each job here.

This article is based on play of an in-development build of FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers, and content in the final version is subject to change.

Healer Role Actions

Role Actions in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers will no longer be selectable. Once players obtain the level of the Role Action, it will be automatically unlocked. Depending on the Role, players will have a different number of actions available to them.

White Mage will have the following Role Actions.

White Mage

White Mage is oft maligned as boring, and less useful than Scholar or Astrologian. Honestly I don’t know enough to dispute any of that for Stormblood or Shadowbringers. But I will say that Wings are cool, the lily is actually useful and I have missed the spell Dia.

Wings first because I am in control and I will turn this article around. Those wings come from the ability Temperance, the capstone ability gained at level 80. This ability increases healing magic potency by 20% and gives every party member within 30 yalms 10% damage resistance. Which is good. But is it wings good? That’s a real question.

On to the Lily. In Shadowbringers White Mages Job Gauge has been changed to generate one lily each 30 seconds that the White Mage is in combat. The liles can be used to cast two powerful heals. The first lily powered spell is Afflatus Solace, which is an instant cast, single target heal with as much potency as Cure II (once again, subject to change). The second is Afflatus Rapture, an instant cast 20 yalm AoE that has a little over half the potency of Cure III (though remember, that can change). I have often heard my raid groups White Mage complain about not stacking close enough to get everyone in a Cure III, so maybe in over triple the range we can manage to stop running around long enough to be healed. I’m sorry, by the way.

Shadowbringers doesn’t stop at just making the lilies very useful for healing, oh no, now there is a benefit for using them on Afflatus Rapture. Once you cast that spell three times, a red lily will grow from the opposite side of the Job Gauge. Using the spell Afflatus Misery, you can cast an instant cast 5 yalm radius.

There are many more changes in the tooltips above. But I mostly wanted to check out how the lily mechanic was changed for Shadowbringers. Job Gauges are now a full expansion old, White Mages was probably the least successful try, and seeing this second iteration do well would be great.