Here’s When You Can See All Of Our FFXIV Shadowbringers Coverage

The North American side of the Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Media Tour just concluded. Right now. Just this second. We’re posting this literally as soon as we are able, because we’re just as excited as all of you with wanting to see and talk about the changes coming to Final Fantasy XIV.

Yesterday, we had staff on the ground in San Francisco to get hands on with a bunch of the upcoming changes and new content coming with the expansion and we can’t wait to talk to you about them. However, we do in fact, have to wait a little bit.

Please look forward to:

Wednesday, May 29th

On that date, we’ll be posting a whole bunch of stuff up on the site.

Additionally, because of the Live Letter tomorrow and the content it will be revealing, we’re going to refrain from accidentally spilling any hands on information during an episode of Aetheryte Radio this weekend by simply not having an episode this Saturday, May 25th.

Because of this, please also look forward to:

Saturday, June 1st at 12:00 PM PT

We’ll be going live and talking about absolutely everything we can. In fact, in case we forget to talk about something, we invite you to join us live on Twitch to ask us all the questions you have regarding Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers!

Please be patient with your favorite websites and content creators over the next week. The hype train is very close to arriving at the station.