Aetheryte Radio 129: Inside the Creators Studio with Frosty

Ever wondered what kind of work goes into all those great streams, videos and other content the FFXIV community puts out? Joining us for our very first run of Inside the Creators Studio is MogTalk host, Frosty Mogborn!

Read on for a peek at some of the questions from our interview and make sure to check out Frosty’s Twitch, Twitter, and YouTube.

GE: Where did the idea of MogTalk come from? How did it start?

Frosty: After Fan Fest 2014, I was really into Final Fantasy XIV. I think a lot of people were reinvigorated after that first Fan Fest. It was the first convention I ever went to. I had some awesome conversations during the event. I felt comfortable talking about stuff I love with other people, it didn’t feel weird or out of place and I wanted to continue that. Basically, I had no clue what the hell I was doing and I figured “why not do a podcast? where I bring some people on and talk about Final Fantasy XIV?” I think we talked about the Gold Saucer in the first episode. I brought one of my raid members on and we had a conversation and “OK we just did something” I enjoyed doing it so I did it again. It took me about six months to get to an “I’m kind of OK with the concept” of what I was making. It was really just the interest of wanting to talk to people. That’s just who I am, I love having conversations.

GE: How has the show evolved over time?

Frosty: At the start, I was just getting whoever I could like friends, and then I got some co-hosts on there and we tried that for awhile. Something happened and they couldn’t really be on there anymore and it was just me. I didn’t want to force anyone to be dedicated to the show, but I wanted to bring people in. So I invited some people and then I had to decide who to invite next. Every single week I have to go through and find a cast of people. After awhile that became what MogTalk was- bringing people on to talk about the community and getting lots of different perspectives. It felt good. I got to meet a lot of different people. For some it’s their first time on a podcast. I kind of broke them into talking publicly about Final Fantasy XIV. It’s one of those things where bringing on guests was the biggest evolution of the show.

GE: How do you pick your topics and guests?

Frosty: Topics come from everywhere. I could be having a conversation with someone that’s completely unrelated and I think “That makes sense in the world of FFXIV” and then we have a discussion about it. Recently, this next show was spawned from a conversation we had post-show during one of my other shows and so I start finding out who would fit, who would want to talk about it. That’s the most important thing: finding people that want to talk, not just finding people that want to come on just to be there. Going out and seeing what the topic is, who it may relate to and then I just approach them. Most of the time it’s someone I already know so it’s not an awkward conversation.

Back when I was getting raiders on for the Paladin show, White Mage show, Healer show, Tank show… I didn’t have a huge presence. I would make characters on servers that these guys were on and I would message them in game. Every so often they’d go “Hey I know that show!” but it’s honestly just going out there and finding people who fit. There’s a different method for each time. I don’t like to use FFlogs each time but i’ll see that, ask if they make guides, do people recommend them, there are several factors to it.

GE: What have been your favorite guests and topics?

Frosty: The premise of MogTalk is bringing on people to the show. Without guests I couldn’t have MogTalk so it means the world to me to have someone come on and make what I’m doing possible. My guests are extremely important and I love when they come on. There are some I’ll say that are better than others. Some people come on but they don’t say anything, or are talking to their friends about the groceries in the middle of the show or something. Overall, the majority of the people that come on the show… I love them.

Topic wise is a little different. It sounds generic, but anything I know the community is passionate about and wants to hear- I love. I could have a show where no one is watching, but I have four other people there talking passionately about it and I get off the show and feel good. It comes down to people wanting to talk about it and having a good conversation. The topic isn’t as important.

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