FFXIV Tokyo Fan Festival 2019 – Keynote Summary

The keynote of the Final Fantasy XIV Tokyo Fan Festival has concluded and with it, Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida gave us a new look at several new things that are coming with the Shadowbringers expansion in three months when early access begins on June 28th.

The full trailer for Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers kicked off the Tokyo Fan Festival, giving us our first look at Dancer, as well as the new hubs of The Crystarium and Eulmore… which will be located on The First.

The name of the region that we’ll visit on The First is Norvrandt: the only remaining region due to the flood of light. It’s because of this flood of light that the Warrior of Light will travel to The First and become the Warrior of Darkness to help restore the darkness to the realm of Norvrandt.

New Job: Dancer

Surprising many who thought the second job with Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers would be a Healer, Naoki Yoshida confirmed that Dancer would in fact, be a ranged DPS job. Using throwing weapons, a Dancer can deal damage from afar while performing dances to execute abilities. Some dances can enhance party members.

Those wanting to play Dancer will be able to unlock it in Limsa Lominsa and the job will start (tentatively) at level 60.

New Areas: Crystarium, Eulmore, and Lakeland

We received a closer look at several of the locations from Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers, specifically the hub built at the base of the Crystal Tower on The First- The Crystarium, it’s nearby area of Lakeland, and the city of Eulmore.

The Crystarium lies at the base of the Crystal Tower on The First. The design of The Crystarium is incredibly similar to the city featured in an old tech demo from Square Enix

They city of Eulmore appears to be the Limsa Lominsa of The First. Its inhabitants are fully aware of the flood of light being a sign of the end and have decided to spend the rest of their lives living luxuriously. At the base of the city lies a small population filled with those who want to, but haven’t been able to move up into Eulmore.

The last new area shown, is actually the first piece of concept art we saw back in Las Vegas- Lakeland. Lakeland is adjacent to The Crystarium. Those that live in Lakeland believe in a legend that tells of the Warrior of Darkness coming to save them from the light. Lakeland is the first area that players will explore after journeying to The First.

New Dungeons

While we didn’t get any in-game footage, we did receive some images of new dungeons that will be in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers.

New Raid: Eden

Originally, the new 8-man raid was going to be announced during the Paris Fan Festival, however it wasn’t quite ready yet so it was revealed during the Tokyo keynote.

The Eden raid series will have players work to restore the other elements to the light flooded world of The First which sees only daytime in it’s areas.

The guest creator for character and boss design is Tetsuya Nomura. With the announcement of his involvement, they revealed an image of a new character that will be a part of the story of Eden: Gaia.

New Beast Tribe: The Dwarves

When Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers was first announced, Naoki Yoshida told players that they could expect new Beast Tribes in the form of pixies and dwarves. Pixies were revealed during the Paris Fan Festival, and so, being the only one left, they announced Dwarves in Tokyo.

Though… the Dwarves look awfully familiar.

All of their buildings are sized to them which means that… only Dwarves and Lalafells can enter them. if you’re a larger character, you’ll have to just look in through the window, or use a Fantasia.

Because The First developed differently than The Source, their races, while looking the same, have different names.

New Race: The Hrothgar

During the Paris Fan Festival, Naoki Yoshida announced the Viera race. During the Tokyo Fan Fest keynote, he showed off the Hrothgar (which we already knew about due to a bug made during a recent patch).

He confirmed that Viera will be a female only race, and the Hrothgar will be male only. Yoshida went on to mention that the races have “unique heads” and “unique customizable features.” The character creation for these two races has a lot of options.

On The First, Viera are known as Viis and the Hrothgar are known as Ronso.


The Sin Eaters are described as the opposite of Voidsent- where the Voidsent hail from The Thirteenth, what we know as The Void. Because The First is falling to light, we have the other side of that.

There’s also Innocence. Nothing is known about him at this time, but he’ll play an important role.

Aside from all of this news, it was also announced that the Minfilia from the trailer will also become available as a Trust NPC, though what her job will be remains a secret.

We’ll hear more about the job adjustments coming to Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers during a Letter from the Producer LIVE in May.