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Aetheryte Radio Schedule for February 2019

1 Feb 2019

Continuing on with our weekly schedule as we move into February, we’re going to have a lot of stuff to talk about!

This weekend is the Paris Fan Festival, and with it will come a whole bunch of new information! Tune in tomorrow as we talk about all the information out of the keynote. The week after, we’ll be joined by Ethys Asher to talk about his time at the event, as well as go over the latest Letter from the Producer Live!

On February 16th we have a special treat for everyone: Lorecast is back! Tune in as Anonymoose leads us in a discussion about, you guessed it, lore!

Last but not least, our last show of the month will see discussion and speculation about the jobs we’ll see in the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers expansion!

You can watch us live every Saturday at Noon PT on our Twitch channel