Introducing: Gamer Escape's Wiki Editing "Swag Rank"

31 Jan 2019

We have a lot of of information about Final Fantasy XIV. Currently, at the time of publication, we have 88,361 substantive articles and 70,631 icons, screenshots, and other images. To generate that, the community has edited the wiki more than 850,000 times!

While perhaps wiki editing is not for everyone, it can be fun and frankly rather addicting in and of itself. A wiki needs both active, repeat editors, and also those editors who pop in to correct things here and there. In fact, a little over 8 years ago I wrote about this and the importance of our editors:


The image to  the right is a graph from wikipedia’s Long Tail article.  This is what wikipedia itself experiences when it comes to edits, what FFXIclopedia experienced, and what we, and probably all successful wikis, experience.  The top editors (represented by the green coloring in the image) represent a small percentage of the community, but individually make a large volume of edits, while the remaining editors (yellow) make fewer edits individually, but are numerous.  The critical point is that each segment makes the same contribution.  The even more critical point, however, is that a wiki will not, indeed cannot, survive without both segments.

Wiki Milestones, Statistics, Improvements and the Importance of Community

Interestingly, in our Final Fantasy XIV wiki, we’re even more dependent on the long tail. Our top 20 editors (what we can consider our “green” editors, have contributed just over 300,000 of those 850,000 edits – making them responsible for just over 36%. The long-tail of editors together accounts for the remaining 64%!

All that being said, we can always use more “green” editors, and always hope that a “yellow” editor will catch the wiki bug and stick around, looking for places to help, develop, fix, expand, etc. And for those that are hopelessly addicted to editing, well, we want to give back a little.

Using our wiki editing rankings, we’ve come up with a reward program of sorts. The more you edit, the more you move up the ranks and the more (and better) swag you can get – aka “Swag Rank”! It’s that simple. Swag Rank 1 starts with a score of only 50, and entitles you to some Gamer Escape trinkets. From there, the Swag Rank, score and prizes increase.

All rewards will be sent directly from our CafePress Storefront (where these items, and many more, can be purchased directly as well) – so you must be in one of the many countries they ship to.

So, if you already have 50 points, fill out the form and make a claim! If not, come edit the wiki. Get into the yellow group and maybe you will make the move into the “green” club! If you have questions about projects, edits, our templates, etc., swing by our #wiki-coordination channel on our discord.

Disclaimer and Terms:
To the fullest extent permitted by law, Gamer Escape and Telatexo LLC shall have no liability, howsoever arising, in relation to this offering, or the prizes, including without limitation liability in respect of personal injury and/or any loss or damage to property.  Listed prizes may be substituted for other prizes of similar value if unavailable at the time of redemption, with such substitutions being made at the sole discretion of Gamer Escape and/or Telatexo LLC. There are no alternative prizes or cash substitutes.  Spam or frivolous edits will not count towards a user’s point total, and will subject a user to disqualification. Any decisions to disqualify a user, or invalidate specific edits, made by Gamer Escape and/or Telatexo LLC are final and not subject to appeal or review. Users must register a username from within the Gamer Escape Final Fantasy XIV wiki in order to participate and claim prizes. Any edits made anonymously or by an IP address will not be counted. Each prize can only be claimed once.