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More Questions Answered During Another "Yoshi-P Walk"

9 Jan 2019

Final Fantasy XIV Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida has done another Yoshi-P walk. This time he took his stroll on Masamune. As before, he answered questions that asked about the current state and the future of the game.

To view the original Japanese blog, click here.

Q: Can you give us more head gear like the Ala Mhigan Headband of Striking which has the hair extension?

Yoshida: We intend to increase the number of variations for head gear in 5.0, so please look forward to the designs.

Q: Will you implement a Namazu attire?!? Please!!  

Yoshida: I think there will be a Namazu attire.

Q: Can you give us an ability to sort out unobtained orchestrion rolls, as well, not just for the obtained ones?

Yoshida: System wise, it will be difficult to implement, but I will tell the team.  

Q: Please do something about the mog letters!!

Yoshida: Can you tell me more about what you want changed?

Q: Something like, not having names in one menu, but to have them sorted in tabs so that they are easier to pick.

Yoshida: Tabs are already on the task list for the UI team, so please wait a little bit longer.  

Q: Yoshi-P! What happened to mirroring hairstyles that you mentioned last year?

Yoshida: I talked to Takeo about hairstyle mirroring but we concluded that the task was too difficult to do, so we scrapped the idea.

Q: Why do my hotbars disappear when I get disconnected?

Yoshida: I don’t really know why. Please report it as a bug so that we can investigate and address the matter. My guess is that it has something to do with your playing environment.

Q: Gatherers change jobs a lot outside, so the usage of glamour plates can be quite inconvenient.

Yoshida: We want to change the number of areas where you can adjust the glamour plates but firstly, we want to increase their number. There is also the concern of burdening the server so it will most likely happen in 5.x.

Q: Please remove enmity from Bard’s Requiem.

Yoshida: I know what you mean but please wait for 5.0.

Q: Is it possible to display the distance when targeting targets?

Yoshida: It is possible to display the distance between you and the target but the data packet is very large and the distance changes constantly, so it can be frightening.

Q: Storage furnishings, please!

Yoshida: We would need data control of the stored items in the furniture, so that would mean that we need to create an entire new system. If it weren’t an online game it wouldn’t be much of an issue.

Q: Please give us more Odder Otter furniture.

Yoshida: I will tell that to the team.

Q: Can we expect a lot for Monk?

Yoshida: We will make adjustments to a lot of jobs, not only Monk. Please look forward to 5.0.

Q: Will the number of settable furniture increase?

Yoshida: Setting furniture is a direct burden to the server, so please wait for 5.x.

Q: We can dye our chocobos but I want to dye the chocobo masks and suits for my racing chocobo! In the same color as my chocobo!

Yoshida: I will tell the team about that.

Q: Will my pay raise this year (seriously)?

Yoshida: That depends on your work and your boss.

Q: I want to know the formula for the rate change in Mahjong.

Yoshida: Doman Mahjong will be releasing soon, so try it out yourself.

Q: Can you please give us an option to see the Folklore Books, and similar things we exchanged, in a table or list?

Yoshida: We are aware of the issue and we would like to address that in 5.0. There’s a chance it might be in 5.x.

Q: I have too many letters and it’s almost filled to the brim. Can you increase the maximum number?

Yoshida: The max letter number is at its limit. Please delete letters you don’t need.

Q: Please make S houses a little bit bigger.

Yoshida: We don’t have plans to change the size. (It will bug out if we do it while the game is running)

Q: Please think about Diadem and Chocobo Racing from time to time………. (something new….)

Yoshida: There will be some modifications to Diadem in 5.x.

Q: It’s a bummer that we can’t use new hairstyles on our retainers. Please allow us to use aquired hairstyles on our retainers.

Yoshida: I will tell it to the team. It is most likely possible to do.

Q: I often get asked “Won’t you get banned because of that name?”. Yoshida, do you think it’s ok?

Yoshida: If you get reported, it might happen instantaneously. However, I don’t think you will get banned, just asked to change your name.

Q: It is a question I asked before. Are you still looking into the matter of the character’s orientation after entering DF in housing areas?

Yoshida: I told the team about the issue when get back to a house but we still didn’t start to address the problem. I will try to tell them again!

Q: With the introduction of the World Teleport system, you said there will be some limitations such as not being able to buy rooms, but could you please look into allowing us to join at least one FC or LS on a different world?

Yoshida: It is impossible for players to join FCs from other world because of how the game was designed. We will increase the max number of CWLS’ to 8 so please use those.

Q: Give us more L plots!

Yoshida: The number of L plots won’t change as long as we don’t add new areas. System wise it is impossible to change plots, so please wait until we add more areas.

Q: Please send a message to my sister in hospital!

Yoshida: I wish you a quick recovery! We are waiting for you in Eorzea!