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Naoki Yoshida Answers Player Questions During His "Yoshi-P Walk"

4 Jan 2019

Recently, Yoshida conducted his “Yoshi-P Walk” on the Aegis server, during which players asked him some questions regarding the current state and the future of the game. We’ve translated the list of questions that were originally posted here.

Please note that the answers in this article are direct translations, which are unchanged by the original source, so some answers may seem out of context.

Battle System

Q: Are the new jobs a tank and a healer?

Yoshida: I cannot give you any answers about the new jobs, so if you keep asking me about them, I might disappear. (laugh)

Q: Please do something about Lay Lines being interrupted when I move!

Yoshida: Lay lines are timing dependent. However, they shouldn’t be interrupted with player movement. It might be that it wasn’t registered by the server due to lag.

Q: What will become of Ninja?

Yoshida: Ninja will become ninja.

Q: It isn’t that ninja is weaker; the ninja population has decreased. Please make some adjustments to the job.

Yoshida: We will rebalance ninja in 5.0 so please wait a bit longer.

Q: Can you make Samurai’s DPS closer to Black Mages?

Yoshida: Due to the difference in mobility of Samurai and Black Mage, it can’t be helped.

Q: Which style of O12s do you prefer, 134 or 1A?

Yoshida: Both of them have their pros and cons, so I don’t have a preference.

Q: During development, did you do the 134 style?

Yoshida: Actually, we didn’t really do any of them but it is quite close to 1A. But, when I saw the 134 style during the world progression, I found it really easy so I did that strategy on my private character (laugh).

Q: The animation and the AoE range are different?

Yoshida: We made the animation larger than the AoE on purpose so that it’s easier to see and make a distinction.

Q: You said that during development you didn’t predict the 134 or the 1313 style. If expressing by numbers, what strategy did you think the players would use?

Yoshida: We didn’t think of numbers. We called it the D-style. The meaning is a secret, though. (laugh)

Q: Will the number of jobs that can do “Blunt Resistance Down” increase?

Yoshida: We will do adjustments to the resistances, but please wait for further expansion information.

Q: The current number of abilities is painful for players with controllers.

Yoshida: We will try our best to not increase the number of used abilities.

Q: Depending on the content I feel stressed on Monk due to the extreme loss of damage when I don’t do the ability at the right direction. Are you thinking of decreasing the damage loss? And please get a good rest during your vacation.

Yoshida: The loss decrease adjustment will be in patch 4.5.

Q: About Machinist

Yoshida: For the improvement of the Machinist, please wait for 5.0.

Q: Will the Ultimate series continue in the future?

Yoshida: Not at the same time as the release of the expansion but yes, it will continue.


Q: Especially for The Feast; the queue won’t pop. Even though I want to start doing it with other players.

Yoshida: The matching for The Feast is worrisome when it overlaps with other content. We really need to think of something.  

Q: When do you plan to make job adjustments for the Frontlines?

Yoshida: We will do PvP job adjustments in 4.5.

Class Quests

Q: Will we have a chance to reunite with NPC’s from class quests?

Yoshida: I think the reunion isn’t that far, but don’t expect to much. Please wait a little longer.

Mob Hunt

Q: In regards to Mob Hunt, with the current system and state and with the introduction of the World Teleportation system… Please make adjustments to the Hunts.

Yoshida: There might be some chaos in the beginning, but I think players will adjust by making their own rules. Of course, there will be cases when the mobs will be defeated stealthily, but the current closed state of the servers is not good in our opinion. We will keep watch and if the state becomes too severe, we will think of changes.

Q: Please make it so that the weather changes when S mobs pop.

Yoshida: We don’t want to make S mob pop’s more obvious than they currently are. I think it isn’t too suited for the game.

Q: There is a chance that third party websites for reporting defeat times will become useless, so can you do something in that regard; for example, have the servers notify us.

Yoshida: Please go to the forums in regards to the topic of Hunts. In my opinion, a game with defeat times announced is no longer a game.  


Q: Yoshida-san! I’m always cheering for you! I have a question; Do you plan on adding furnishings for garden that change a specific surface, like flooring does inside the house?

Yoshida: That would be hard to implement. However, we do have some special content in the process of planning for gardens. It’s still a long way so please wait a little longer.  

Q: Do you have plans to add a Mahjong table as garden furniture?

Yoshida: If there are enough requests for it, we will consider it. Also, we will consider a portrait of Alisaie. It is only a problem of if there is art for her or not.

Q: Yoshida-san, I want to create a Nanamo house, so please increase the decoration limit from 196 to 400.

Yoshida: You will need to wait patiently for the limit increase. At the moment, the server stress from housing is too high.

Q: Please let us have orchestrions in our gardens.

Yoshida: You can-t place orchestrions in your gardens. The system is made that way. Otherwise, you would change the sounds for the entire area.

Q: I want one more house.

Yoshida: You won’t be able to have more houses. The land shortage will increase.

Q: I want to be able to use the standing pose of housing servants.

Yoshida: I will tell the team about your request.

Q: Can we make our mannequins sit on chairs?

Yoshida: First, we need to finish adding all of the races. We will be adding Lalafell and Roegadyn in 4.5.

Q: Please let us put furnishings in our workshops.

Yoshida: Workshops were not predicted to have furniture, so it-s impossible. I’m sorry.

Q: Will you enable us to share houses with different sub characters on the same account?

Yoshida: We are working on that but it will take a bit more time.

Q: Do you have plans to increase the furniture number limit?

Yoshida: We want to increase the limit for indoor and outdoor furnishing, but it will be after the expansion.

Q: Do you have plans to increase the number of L houses?

Yoshida: Unless we add more lands, it’s difficult to increase the number.

Q: Please hurry with enabling us to set a lot of mannequins.

Yoshida: Mannequins require a lot of processing power so “a lot” is a bit difficult.

Q: I want ceiling lights that look like they float in thin air.

Yoshida: I will tell the team.

Q: When I log in, I want to log in into my house.

Yoshida: System-wise, it’s impossible. I’m sorry! But we are increasing the features inside of the house instead.

Q: Please release a planetarium!

Yoshida: I will tell the team.


Q: When will we see an update to egi glamour.

Yoshida: We are working on it so please wait a little bit longer.

Q: Will we be able to change the appearance of the Blue Mage weapon?

Yoshida: When the number of weapons increases, you’ll be able to change it. However, as with other jobs, you won’t be able to glamour weapons from other jobs.

Q: Will you add the Glamour Dresser as a furnishing?

Yoshida: We want to increase the number of stored items first. We are aiming for 400.

Q: Do you have plans to increase the number of slots in the Dresser?

Yoshida: Yes, we plan on increasing the limit to 400.

Q: Do you have plans to enable us to put the Dressers in our houses?

Yoshida: After the slot increase.

Q: Will you release Estinien’s hairstyle?

Yoshida: Estinien’s hairstyle is getting a lot of attention! Because it is highly requested, it will take some time, but I will do my best to release it someday.

Q: I would be really happy if we could have our hairstyles mirrored.

Yoshida: It is really difficult to enable mirroring.

Q: Will you increase the number of beards?

Yoshida: We are thinking of increasing the number of beards, but unfortunately, other things are prioritized.

Q: Please start selling the Yotsuyu costume!

Yoshida: We made her costume with a premise that she won’t battle, so it’s difficult.

Q: I want Tataru’s kimono.

Yoshida: We will add Japanese style clothes a little at a time in the future.

Q: Can you fix the problem when skirts disappear when they interact with leg equipment?

Yoshida: It’s different from equipment to equipment, so it’s not a problem of fixing.

Q: Can we get extensions as head equipment? I think it would add variety to hair styles.

Yoshida: It’s a bit difficult to implement that. We need a different system for that, but we are considering it.

Q: Naked feet… When I go to sleep, it feels weird so please let us have bare feet!

Yoshida: If it’s ok for your feet to float when you stand, we can…

Q: Mr. Piggy wants to wear sunglasses!

Yoshida: To separate glasses and head gear would require us to change the core design of the game, as well as the problem of the vast number…. I won’t say it’s 100% impossible, but it is extremely difficult to do.

Q: Do you have plans to implement robot-like gear?

Yoshida: For robot-like gear, look at the nostalgic Allagan Tomestone of Philosophy gear.

Q: There are instances where I want to change my eye color when I change my glamour or hair style. Can you give us colored lenses?

Yoshida: We are discussing adjustments to eye color.

Q: I want new race specific gear! (Elezen!)

Yoshida: We currently have no plans for new race specific gear.

Q: Please give us a “like” function for glamour and created characters.

Yoshida: We will give it thought, but I’m afraid of the data amount…

Q: Will you increase the number of glamour plates?

Yoshida: We will increase that, as well.

Q: Do you have plans to implement suits with ties?

Yoshida: Suits with ties, roger that!

Q: Do you have plans to remove the class/job limitations for glamour. I have too too many accessories.

Yoshida: We still don’t have plans to remove the class/job limitation, but I think we could do accessories.

Q: Can you include more modern clothes?

Yoshida: Definition of modern clothes is different from person to person so I don’t know what you mean (laugh)

Q: Yoshida-san! I want to be able to put moles on male characters, too!

Yoshida: I will tell the team, but it will clash with the system so it might be difficult. I need to double check that.

Q: Will the mainline healer equipment be generic healer coats and White Mage based equipment?

Yoshida: The direction for healer equipment won’t change that much. It’s hard to change it.  

Crafting and Gathering, Item Related

Q: The Cassie earring isn’t implemented in my XIV!?

Yoshida: It isn’t implemented in mine, as well.

Q: I want to be able to craft furnishings from past seasonal events like Christmas Trees and Kadomas.

Yoshida: We put our resources into new items so it would be difficult to do it for past seasonal events.

Q: Will you adjust the drop rates of the shiver emote and the Gyr Abanian Plait Hairstyle?

Yoshida: We got a lot of feedback for the shiver emote, so we will think of something.

Q: Is it difficult to get Chocobo Bags 1 and 2 sorted when I click sort? (Note: At the same time)

Yoshida: It is difficult because they are processed as different bags.

Q: Please, bait box for Fishers

Yoshida: That’s difficult, too…

Q: Give us a hint on the new feature for Fisher!

Yoshida: Fishing, hmmm… let’s see… finishing on boats is nice…

Q: Any plans on implementing a flying carpet for a mount?

Yoshida: We are currently developing it.

Q: Bom Boko equipment please!!

Yoshida: I will tell it to the team.

Q: Is it hard to implement a snowboard as a mount? I want to snowboard in Coerthas.

Yoshida: We currently have no plans for snowboard mounts, but I would like to implement that someday!

The Gold Saucer

Q: Will we be able to play mahjong with 3 people in the future?

Yoshida: The algorithm for that is different so it would be difficult. Personally, I like it though. (laugh)

Q: About betting while playing mahjong

Yoshida: Please restrain yourself from gambling through it because you may be fined if you’re not careful. (*NOTE: gambling is illegal in Japan)

Q: Will the danger tile notice for mahjong be there even at later matching?

Yoshida: The game will predict danger tiles all the time, but if you find it distracting, you can turn it off.


Q: Will you add an option to adjust the volume of instruments?!

You should be able to do it through System Configuration. It is for all instruments. If you were thinking of something else, please tell me the details.

Q: I would like a feature to change the volume of how others around you hear you!

Yoshida: Conversely, how would you check that volume? If the other person increases their volume, the volume you set will also increase. It’s a philosophical question and has contradictions. (laugh)

Q: Maybe they want to change the volume for their party?

Yoshida: In regards to that, we would like to address that by introducing an orchestra system. If that’s the case, please wait for the release of the orchestra feature.

Q: I would be really happy if you could change the volume of the sounds that come from your characters from, let’s say, 100% to 80%. But if you’re making an orchestra feature, I will be even more happy!

Yoshida: Oh, I see, I will tell Soken! (laugh)

Q: Will you add a trumpet and a violin as new instruments?

Yoshida: Soken is very into it, so I’m sure he will get to it eventually. We are prioritizing 5.0 at the moment, though.

Q: Do you have any plans on implementing a drum set? At the current state, it’s hard to use them as drums.

Yoshida: Drum sets have a too exclusive use, so I think it would be difficult to implement them.

Group pose

Q: Will a day come when we will be able to manipulate daytime in group pose?

Yoshida: We have no plans for that feature.

System Related

Q: You don’t want to make something like a Weapon Log?

Yoshida: We were testing similar features and found out that it eats up too much data so we scrapped it. We did use that data in the new Encyclopedia. I hope for your understanding.

Q: Would you consider putting job icons beside character name plates?

Yoshida: The data capacity for name plates is tight so if we try to add any new features to it, like job icons, it will be harsh to implement. (laugh)

Q: Yoshida-san, please give us an option to divide buffs and debuffs for enemies, too!

Yoshida: That is very difficult. (laugh)

Q: Please increase the friend list limit!

Yoshida: We tried to adjust the limit but stumbled upon big problems so we stopped trying. I would like to do something about that during the 5.x series.

Q: When I delete a person from my friends list, I want my character to disappear from theirs, as well!

Yoshida: That would lead to the problem of “Why did he delete me?” and might cause trouble, so we didn’t do that on purpose.

Q: When will you open the Shinryu server?

Yoshida: I think we will adjust the restriction with 4.5.

Q: Do you have plans to enable flying in ARR areas?

Yoshida: We still don’t have any plans to enable flying.

Q: Are there any plans to expend character creation for the current races?

Yoshida: We are very busy with the new races at the moment. (laugh)

Q: Please increase the number of face types for all of the races.

Yoshida: We are busy with making the new race at the moment, so please wait a little longer.

Q: What happened to FC Unions?

Yoshida: It will still take time. There is no content that needs Unions.

Q: Are there any plans to increase the highest rank for FCs?

Yoshida: Increasing the rank is easy, but we don’t know what to do about the rewards.

Q: (Question missed)

Yoshida: We will increase the maximum number of Cross World Linkshells to 8, so please wait a bit longer.

Q: I want to be able to turn in my Ivalice gear soon.

Yoshida: You should be able to do it soon.

Q: Can you do something about Lalafell’s point of view being too high?

Yoshida: I will tell it to the team.

Q: Please increase the object display limit… if possible.

Yoshida: If we do that, your PCs might break down, so it’s difficult to do so.

Q: Yoshida-san, I play my game on an ultra-wide monitor, 2560×1080. When movie cutscenes play, the resolution doesn’t fit. When will that be fixed?

Yoshida: The number of resolutions is big so we can’t get to all of them fast. Please do a bug report on the forums and give us detailed specs.

Q: About weapon drawn mode. Male and female characters have different movements, can you add an option to “change pose” to male or female animations?

Yoshida: The individuality between male and female characters is a different problem. The problem of “I want that here, too!” will arise, so we don’t have anything planned in that regard at the moment.

Q: Will the mount speed increase above 3?

Yoshida: We will increase the mount speed a little bit more.

Q: Can you include the chat window in the HUD layout settings? When I change my HUD, the chat window stays the same and it’s a bit inconvenient.

Yoshida: The chat window and other HUD elements are made in a completely different way, so that would be difficult.

Q: I want to ride a chocobo carriage as a party mount!

Yoshida: A carriage would exceed the data size that is set for mounts.

Q: I would like an emote for holding hands! Any emote that can be done with two…

Yoshida: It would be hard to implement holding hands emote due to the height difference of different characters.

Q: I’m running a shop in game. I would like a sweep emote.

Yoshida: I will tell it to the team. (laugh)

Q: Will we be able to change the camera speed, even if it’s with text commands?

Yoshida: Oh! I will tell that to the UI team.

Q: Will you shuffle servers on Japanese DCs like you will for the international ones?

Yoshida: We have no plans to shuffle Japanese worlds at the moment.

Q: Will you be adding something new to the mentor and FC systems? When will you do adjustments to the speed of growth of chocobos when they are trained at the stables?

Yoshida: There won’t be big changes to FCs, but we are planning to make adjustments to the mentor requirements, etc. We also want to adjust chocobo training. However, any definite will most likely happen in the 5.x series.

Q: I think there are different filters for the weapon level and other equipment’s IL because the influence of the weapon in comparison is large. Are there any plans to adjust that?

Yoshida: We currently have no plans to adjust that.

Q: Will we be able to invite to a party from the CWLS?

Yoshida: It is really tedious that you can’t, isn’t it? I would like to address that.

Q: I would like to be able to make something like a minion farm!

Yoshida: It won’t be a farm but we have something similar planned for 5.x.

Q: Can you implement some feature that will visually indicate if we succeeded in direction specifications?

Yoshida: I will tell it to the UI team, but it will be difficult to implement it in the near future.

Q: Please allow us to enter party finder recruitments even if we are in a party.

Yoshida: It would cause various contradictions in the system because you are trying to enter a party while in a party, so it is very difficult.

Q: When will be able to use food while sitting?

Yoshida: We are currently working on that.

Q: Are Southeastern Asia servers in the plans?

Yoshida: I really want to realize that for SE Asia and Oceania. Please wait a little longer.

Q: Will Poetics still exist in 5.0?

Yoshida: Yes, we will leave them in.

Q: Emotes while walking?

Yoshida: It would cause graphical failures so it’s difficult.

Q: Would it be possible to enter a dungeon without enemies after we cleared for screenshot purposes?

Yoshida: It would be impossible to enter a dungeon without enemies. We would have to make the dungeons without them. I’m sorry.

Other topics

Q: Won’t you do a collaboration with FFXV?

Yoshida: I can’t say anything about that. I might be driven to resign.

Q: Will Y’shtola join the Smash Bro.’s crew?

Yoshida: That is up to Sakurai-san. (laugh)

Q: Will there be a mahjong tournament at FanFest?

Yoshida: We probably won’t do it. (laugh)

Q: Please make Lalafells maximum height 2m (6ft. 5).

Yoshida: That wouldn’t be lalafell anymore, it would be a different creature.

Q: Why isn’t the Fat Cat becoming larger???????

Yoshida: It won’t become larger. It knows the limit of cuteness.

Q: When will you give us a white Fat Cat????

Yoshida: I will tell it to the team.

Q: I will try to apply for a scenario writer for FF14 next time!

Yoshida: Good luck! We’re waiting for you!

Q: When will my partner be implemented!?

Yoshida: Your partner is in your heart….

Q: This year’s snow festival, Primals live, Eorzea Café, I’ve been rescued by FFXIV a lot! Thank you!

Yoshida: I’m also really grateful for everyone’s support! So, it’s a tie!

Q: Please, Eorzea Café in Hiroshima

Yoshida: It is dependant on the company we are collaborating with.

Q: I can’t see you… Please change from Lalafell to Reogadyn.

Yoshida: I won’t go in public if I’m not a Lalafell.

Q: Yoshi-P! I’m waiting for a Tiny Dodo plush doll!

Yoshida: A plush doll… I will tell that to the person in charge, but it might depend on their taste. (laugh)

Q: When will Tokyo Fan Festival merchandise be sold?

Yoshida: Around the middle of January. Stay tuned for further news.

Q: The Aegis server has a lot of legacy players, as well! Please send them a message.

Yoshida: Thanks to you guys we were able to be reborn! I will do my best so that the game has a long future.  

Q: Please make a CR-Garo XX simulator in the Gold Saucer!!!

Yoshida: The copyright problems are extreme for CR Garo so it most likely won’t happen. (laugh)

Q: Will 5.0 be compatible with Mac’s Metal graphics?

Yoshida: I will make further announcements in regards to the Mac version in the future, but it will be compatible!

Q: I’m happy that Dark Knight was chosen as the main character job. What did you order for it?

Yoshida: The order for the trailer for Dark Knight was: Even though he is haunted, he has strong will.

Q: Are there any plans to release FFXIV on other platforms?

Yoshida: We need to revise the hardware for the new generation platforms. We won’t release it on different platforms until the expansion releases, at least.

Q: I think you said the game will continue for 10 years. Will it?!

Yoshida: Thanks to everyone, the game is doing well from a business point and economic point of view. Rather, even if I wanted to end the game, the company would probably give me a NO. At this rate, I will die before the game.  (laugh)

Yoshida: With that said, There is no concern about the game ending at least for the next several years, so please do enjoy it!

About Yoshida

Q: Yoshi P, during the last stream, you had huge dark circles around your eyes! Please take care of yourself!

Yoshida: Yeah… People think I’m tired or haggard, but I’m not! I’m on a diet so I lost some weight. The dark circles are from 4.5 checks…

Q: You looked really tired during the live letter! Please don’t overstrain yourself!

Yoshida: Thank you for your concerns! (laugh) Btw, just to make it clear, I’m not haggard, I lost weight on purpose! After losing 7 kg (around 15lb), I was told that I look old, so I’m down. (laugh)  

Q: Please punish us who are log in on the 24th (of December) with your “Miracle Flash”.

Yoshida: Don’t use that joke! Please erase it from your miiiiiiiiiiiiiind!!!

Q: Do you have any snowboard courses to recommend for beginners?

Yoshida: If you’re a beginner, and want something around Niigata, I would suggest “White Valley”. It’s not crowded and it’s quite comfortable. Around Fukushima, I would suggest the Daikura Ski resort.

Q: Will you sing at the FanFest?!?!?

Yoshida: I’m a director and producer, I DON’T sing!!!

Q: I heard from fans that you smell really nice. Do you use perfume?

Yoshida: I’m old, so I have to use perfume. (NOTE: In Japan, it is not that common for young people to use perfume)

Q: What perfume do you use, if you don’t mind me asking?

Yoshida: Usually I use the Bulgari “Man in Black” series.

Q: What do you use as hair wax?

Yoshida: Gatsby hair wax.

Q: I want to live in your house.

Yoshida: My house is really small (because I don’t care about houses), so that’s impossible.

Q: What will you first do in 4.5 on your private character?

Yoshida: I will first finish the main scenario then take my time with the Ivalice story.

Q: When did you finish O12S?

Yoshida: I think it was during the second week on my private character.

Q: If you’re interested, let’s do 1313 in O12S!

Yoshida: I will do 1313 if there is a good recruitment. Yesterday at midnight I did 1A though.

Q: What do you like in o-sechi?

Yoshida: I’m not really a fan of o-sechi. What I like are Hamburg stakes, Ramen, Curry… the childish stuff.

Q: Please do Mahjong streams on a regular basis.

Yoshida: I will do it from time to time.

Q: Please marry me!

Yoshida: Thank you for the proposal, but let’s start from being friends.