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Final Fantasy XV's FFXIV Quest Gives Hints For Upcoming Collaboration In Eorzea

13 Dec 2018

The collaboration between Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy XIV began last night when the quest went live in Final Fantasy XV. 

However, we have yet to hear about what players of Final Fantasy XIV can except out of this collaboration, and while players have had assumptions as to what they might see, we have had no official announcements about it. News was originally expected at Fan Fest, which was held a week after the collaboration was announced. However, Fan Fest came and went and there was no mention of it. 

Our next best guest for an official announcement would be the upcoming Letter from the Producer LIVE next Friday, December 21st. 

However, with the content dropping in Final Fantasy XV, they may have actually provided us a clue as to what we can expect on the Final Fantasy XIV side of the collaboration.

Upon completing the quest in FFXV, players that actively make use of the game’s photo system have discovered that a new photo frame was awarded to them. This frame, overlays an FFXIV style HUD to the photo of your choosing, complete with a party list, and a hotbar. This hotbar however is where things get interesting. As you can see below, there appear to be two new icons on the bar: One for a Regalia Mount, and one for a Kenny Crow minion.

It’s also likely that players in Final Fantasy XIV will encounter Noctis as part of this collaboration given the way the event unfolds in Final Fantasy XV.

Of course, this is just speculation right now, but it doesn’t look like FFXIV players will be in the dark for much longer regarding the FFXV event.