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New Kingdom Hearts III Music and Footage Released & Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Collaboration Announced

10 Dec 2018

This weekend has been a great one for Kingdom Hearts fans!

It started off Saturday, during the Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Fan Festa. It was announced that Brave Exvius would see a collaboration with Kingdom Hearts, adding Sora (and a second character) as a unit into the game to celebrate the release of Kingdom Hearts III.

Then, earlier today, we received a brand new video in the form of a trailer for the opening movie. The video gives us our first listen of the Utada Hikaru and Skrillex collaboration, Face My Fears.

Finally, this evening, the Face My Fears EP is up for pre-order on most digital music platforms. While the album won’t be out until January 18th, the full English version of Utada Hikaru’s theme Don’t Think Twice, is now available, finally giving fans the chance to hear the track in its entirety.

Kingdom Hearts III releases next month on January 29th.